Marley Jaxx: Bored Dental Hygienist Turned Social Media Influencer, Ep #27

Marley Jaxx: Bored Dental Hygienist Turned Social Media Influencer, Ep #27

Kayla Graham

Marley Jaxx had previously worked in radio and event management. But the industry was rough around the edges and wearing on her. She had a degree to work as a dental hygienist, so she left radio and worked in dentistry for a while.

But she learned very quickly that cleaning teeth is boring. Even worse, you can’t have a conversation with someone when your hands are in their mouth. She wanted to make the experience fun for her patients, so she would tell them stories to make them laugh.

But it was still boring for her. So she started doing the dental office’s social media in between patients. How did this turn into the thriving business she has today? How did she turn her content into a revenue stream? Listen to this episode of Content Callout to learn her ways!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:38] Marley Jaxx: from dental hygienist to influencer
  • [3:53] Marley’s method for continuous learning
  • [5:21] Develop your brand to align with who you are
  • [9:22] The importance of storytelling with your content
  • [11:28] Marley’s authenticity green light test
  • [18:03] Therapy strengthening entrepreneurship
  • [19:22] How Marley measures success for her clients
  • [20:13] Marley’s “I made it” moment
  • [21:12] How Marley turns content into revenue
  • [27:02] You’re special—but not that special
  • [29:45] What was Marley’s first hire?
  • [31:49] How to connect with Marley Jaxx

Bored dental hygienist to social media influencer

Marley told people’s stories on social media—and it worked. The IT guy at the dental office referred her to a plumber to do his social media. She grew to love the people there and realized the world needed to know their stories.

She also created characters with the technicians. One of them—who was amazing with accents—became “Plumber Dundee.” They made funny videos where he spoke in his best Australian accident. They took off.

She then asked, “What if I can do this for myself?” So she started to create her own videos and found success with them, too. People from all over the world found them. She jokes that now, years later, she has the business she has because she was a bored dental hygienist.

Develop your content with authenticity

One of Marley’s secrets is that you should be documenting content, not creating it. Marley will set up her phone to record her day and call it “work with me” so people get a glimpse into her day. Or she will record a call with her team that allows people to be a fly on the wall to see how she gets results. The created content often loses its authenticity.

If it doesn’t feel authentic, Marley won’t have fun with it. If she’s not having fun with it, she won’t enjoy it. She believes that enjoyment comes across in her content. Instead of creating content, she prefers to tell her stories and have that tie into a lesson. Influencers say things like “follow your dreams, and you can do anything,” which is all well and good to hear—but it’s also just fluff.

Stories are what make an impact

Marley’s grandfather (her Gido) is 91 years old. She shares photos and stories about him on her social media, so everyone knows him. He was a farmer for 30+ years of his life. But he was a photographer before that. He used to do school photos for kids in Alberta and loved every minute of it.

One Christmas, he went home to visit his family and found out that his Dad was about to lose the family farm. Her Gido—as one of the oldest of 10 kids—felt it was his duty to help. So he sold his studio and photography equipment and helped his Dad save the farm. But he had no money to return to his passion. She uses that story to encourage others: Don’t get to 91 and feel like you missed out on your passion.

If you can tell a story and document that, it will go so much further than a quote, picture, or a “message for the day.” How does Marley find the right stories to tell? She notes that sometimes a story will just come to mind. Marley will then ask herself what the moral of the story is and if she can tie it to a lesson. Sometimes it’s “What’s the lesson I want to get across and the story I can frame it with?”

Culture is built around storytelling

When Marley was a kid, she’d beg for just one more story, so she didn’t have to go to bed. Storytelling creates our culture. It creates connection, depth, and bonding. It’s captivating. The story makes people buy into why they should care. Why do you watch the movies you watch? Why do you cheer when the characters win? Because you saw them hit rock bottom before they got to the top. When you see the journey, that’s why you care. The story is what makes people buy in emotionally before they buy in logically. People are more likely to interact with something they feel is authentic and has a story.

How does Marley decide what stories to tell? What is her authenticity green-light test? How does she turn content into revenue? How does Marley measure success for her clients? At what point did she feel like she “made it?” Listen to the whole episode to learn how you can become a content machine.

To learn more about video marketing, storytelling, and turning content into cashflow, check out her 21 Days to Infinite Video Impact Challenge. It’s a full framework of how to implement her system into your business.

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