What “Embracing a Growth Mindset” Really Means with Warrick Godfrey, Ep #28 

What “Embracing a Growth Mindset” Really Means with Warrick Godfrey, Ep #28 

Mark Raffan

Warrick Godfrey has worked at Facebook, Amazon, multiple startups, and is now the VP of Industry Solutions at Braze. Braze is an incredible technology created to build relationships between customers and brands they love. It allows cross-channel marketing coordination in a sophisticated way. I’ve known Warrick since grade school, and we’ve been friends since high school.

In this episode of Content Callout, Warrick and I talk about where businesses are making mistakes in growth, building a culture of innovation and creativity, and how to combat the fear that exists around failure. Don’t miss it!

Business growth mirrors personal growth

Warrick points out that as you get older, you may stop being active, you may start to put on weight, and your confidence tanks. Because of this, you start experiencing a lack of confidence at work or can’t deliver your message with enthusiasm. It’s a negative flywheel. You put on more weight and your joints begin to fail. You become even less confident. Other problems start to show up.

Keeping fit and healthy may not be the answer to all your problems, but that negative engine can only be stopped if you cut off the fuel and break the gears. What is in your control? You can cut back on drinking and start eating healthier. You can elevate your heart rate for 20 minutes a day. Then things slowly come back under control. You begin to realize that all of your problems are addressable. They’re not so big anymore. You can break them down and tackle them.

Businesses aren’t so different. Things that keep businesses from growing are symptomatic of bigger problems. Poor hiring decisions can lead to a lack of morale, which can lead to making bad decisions. It perpetuates. The only way to address growth blockers is to address those underlying problems. Maybe it’s hiring better or getting the most out of your marketing dollars. Stop repeating mistakes and break the cycle.

The magic recipe for growth

Warrick emphasizes that there is no magic recipe for growth. It’s about small incremental gains and small measures of improvement on a lot of things. Sure, some low-hanging fruits may give you a good return for a smaller amount of effort.

When you think about quick wins, you must be careful not to get humans to do things machines can do. Marketing has evolved over the past five years. Innovation has picked up the pace dramatically. The sophistication of digital marketing has improved. Machine learning can improve the way you target customers.

The mashup of humanity + creativity

Warrick notes that it’s all bulls–t until you have creativity brought to life. A friend told Warrick, “S–t sent faster is still s–t.” Marketers are dealing with humans. You can invest millions in improving your marketing stack. But if you’re not speaking in a human way that’s relevant, legitimate, creative, and fun, you might as well not invest the money.

Burger King ran what they called a “Whopper Detour” campaign. If you went anywhere near a McDonald’s drive-through and ordered a Whopper on the Burger King app, you’d only pay one cent for it. That campaign drove people over 1.5 million people to download Burger King’s mobile app.

That campaign won awards around the world. The technology had already been in use for some time, but it took smart and creative people with a fun idea to bring the campaign to life.

Warrick notes that if you’re looking for a “magic pill,” performance follows brand. Who are you as a brand? Why are you relevant? You need to be on point with your branding. You also need to be willing to experiment, test, and fail to innovate.

Warrick takes a deep dive into building a business on creativity and innovation that doesn’t demonize failure. Listen to the whole episode to learn more!

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