5 Ways to Create Brand Storytelling through Instagram Stories

5 Ways to Create Brand Storytelling through Instagram Stories

Kayla Graham

The most successful brands are captivating storytellers. When well-crafted, stories create connections, build desire, and motivate people to act.

Brand storytelling has the power to build relationships with clients. Over 500 million Instagrammers use Instagram Stories every day. So, through Stories, businesses can connect with audiences, share authentic content in real-time, and boost engagement.


What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories allow users to share content that disappears after 24 hours. Stories appear at the top of feeds and are the first thing people see from accounts they follow. The Instagram community welcomes authenticity. So, Stories shouldn’t be overly staged: the appeal lies in their realistic in-the-moment content.


Here are five ways to create compelling storytelling with Instagram Stories.

  • Add Text and Hashtags to your content.

Words make your Story more engaging. And text can help give your image context. For instance, “New Year’s Sale” written on a photo explains a clothing promotion better than a shot of an outfit alone.

When used correctly, hashtags can help you reach new audiences. Hashtags work the same way in Stories as they do in regular posts. Anyone searching for the tags you use can find your Story. For example, adding #instapainting or #paintingforsale on a Story selling artwork could grab the attention of people already following the hashtag. And #Hashtag stickers are great for directing viewers to a branded hashtag or one you are creating content for.

You want your brand to be familiar and stand out to followers checking-out stories. So stay consistent with colors and fonts.

  • Share Stories about new products, specials, and events.

Stories are an entertaining way to share what’s new and happening at your business. For instance, a fashion designer can promote a new line or a big sale through their Stories. And creating a Story about an upcoming event is a great way to endorse it. Share images or videos that will get your followers excited about stopping by your business to check out your new offerings.

  • Create live behind the scenes content.

Instagram stories are all about the present. So they’re great for sharing content about something happening live at your business. You could use images or live video to showcase an event, how you make your product, or what employees do. For example, a restaurant could feature a behind the scenes Story of employees getting ready for an event.

To find out how well your Instagram story is performing, swipe up while viewing it. You will see the number and names of people who’ve viewed each photo or video in your Story.

  • Feature user-generated content about your brand.

Consumers want to connect and interact with brands. And including customers’ brand-related content is a great way to interact with your audience. Adding user-generated content to your Stories is a great way to socialize with customers and thank them for their support. It’s also similar to sharing client testimonials—and it can attract more followers. Think about how you can group your user-generated content into themes rather than randomly re-posting.

  • Involve your community in your story.

Tagging your employees and neighbors encourages others to interact with your Stories. When you @mention someone, they will get a notification. From there, they might comment or add your story to theirs—getting you in front of a broader audience.

Visiting other businesses in your community and including them in your story is a great way to show that your business is community-minded. Using a location tag or adding a location sticker can show where you’re out engaging with others. Location tags and stickers can link directly to a neighbor’s address and gets your brand in front of their followers.

Be playful with the stories you tell—stories should be entertaining and on-brand. Dynamic storytelling includes lively images, authentic characters, and absorbing text.