7 Instagram Hacks

7 Instagram Hacks

Kayla Graham

If you’re looking to promote your brand and get noticed by new audiences—look no further than Instagram. Sixty percent of people say they discover new products on Instagram. And a whopping 90 percent of accounts follow a business on Instagram.

Having a brand Instagram account is an excellent way to improve your reach. But running an account can feel demanding.

So here are seven hacks to get your Instagram content discovered by more people—and make your life easier.

1. Include hashtags and other accounts in your bio

As well as adding a link to your URL, you can add hashtags and links to other accounts in your bio. When you include a # or @, others can click it to find out more. So, if you’re running a branded hashtag campaign, you can include the hashtag in your bio. You can also link to other accounts you are managing with the @.

To link to other hashtags or accounts in your bio, go to “Edit Profile” from your account page. From there, go to the bio section and add any Instagram handles with @ and hashtags with #.


2. Add links in your Story highlights  

You can also add links to Story highlights right below your bio. Here, you can add multiple links. So, if you have several pages you want to link out to, you can direct people to a dedicated story highlight. Then, they can get access to your other pages—and you can expand your reach.


3. Comment often

When you’re quick to comment on influencers’ photos, you’ll drive traffic to your page and posts. The same goes for anyone else with hordes of followers. And if your comment gets lots of traction, it’ll show up to all the people viewing the post.

As well as commenting on other people’s posts, remember to respond to the people who comment on your posts.


4. Share Stories

When someone mentions your brand in their Story, repost their Story to your own. This way, you take advantage of the free mention and show you appreciate it.

How do you do this? When you get a notification that someone has tagged you in their Story, click on “Add this to your story.” From here, you can customize it with text, GIFs, and stickers.


5. Use hashtags in Stories

Find new audiences by including hashtags in your Stories. Hashtags can help attract people as well as potentially appear on the Explore page.

Once you’ve added hashtags to your Stories, check out “Insights” and evaluate their reach. Branded hashtags are a great way to promote your brand or an event. You can also use other popular hashtags to join trending topics. When you use hashtags in Stories, you can attract new followers and boost brand awareness.


6. Include user-generated content

Instagrammers want to connect and interact with brands. So including customers’ brand-related content is a great way to interact with your followers. User-generated content is also similar to sharing client testimonials. And it can attract more followers.

When looking for users’ content, search people who: have tagged you, used your brand as a hashtag, or used your branded hashtags.


7. Organize a takeover

Take advantage of the exposure and fresh content another brand or influencer can provide when you invite them to take over your account. Takeovers show your brand in a new light. And you can gain new followers from your host’s audience.

When you organize a takeover, your host can take over your Stories, do a live Q&A, or post to your feed. Remember to promote your takeover with branded hashtags and promotional posts on your social channels.


Instagram is a top platform for getting your brand out there. Try using these hacks to improve your engagement and build a loyal following.