About Content Callout

Our amazing team members are what drive our customers' success

At Content Callout, we create high-quality B2B content made for websites, blogs, and social media that reach your target customer.

Our writers, content creators, editors and social media professionals work together seamlessly to produce an exceptional content experience that takes your business brand from idea to thought-leader in a matter of months.

We take the time to truly understand your business’ brand and build an authentic online presence that resonates with your target customer and differentiates you from others in your field.

Mark Raffan, Founder

Mark is a serial entrepreneur and lover of marketing and influence. Mark built the #1 negotiation podcast in the world and is an expert in negotiation, influence, and persuasion. He has coached executives and teams in some of the largest companies in the world.

Kayla Graham, Operations Manager

Kayla is happiest when clients are over-satisfied and projects are running smoothly. Her favorite part of the day-to-day is assisting clients reaching their goals for success, and building relationships in the process. She loves working with the Content Callout team to reach goals, both personally and professionally, individually and as a group. Kayla’s experience in writing, media, and project management position her to provide exceptional creative assets and client care.

Maggie Toth, Designer

Maggie is a graphic designer and creative enthusiast. Maggie has helped build brand identities and promotional materials for small and corporate businesses. Apart from working at Content Callout, she has started a small t-shirt design business, inspired by all things spooky. She’s known for her obsession with horses, but is also crazy about cats, art and The Office.

Maria Berlando, Writer Manager

Maria is a word and sentence structure enthusiast who loves playing with words to make stories compelling and readable. Added to the countless hours she has logged creating and editing content, are years of experience with teaching, and academic and creative writing. She is well-versed in the writing and editing industry, and comes complete with a master’s degree focused on English language and literature.

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Mike Lalli, Web Developer

Mike is an award-winning creative director, web designer and entrepreneur. For over a decade he has worked in the digital marketing industry to provide clean, fresh, professional front-end development to support his client’s evolving website initiatives. He works directly with public figures, organizations, lawyers and business owners to create websites and digital marketing solutions to meet their business needs.


Stacey Watts, Social Media Specialist

Stacey is a content creator strategist, communications specialist and entrepreneur. She has worked with multiple businesses, on multiple platforms since 2012, using her bachelor’s in media and communications to create engaging content.

She loves learning about new content strategies and technology to help exceed client expectations. Her goal is to help B2B companies using social media have a bigger reach and a more engaged audience for their brand.

Sarah Sunico-Martens, Social Media Specialist

Sarah is a social media specialist who takes pride in writing snappy, engaging copy and curating content to provide maximum value. When she’s not working, you’ll find her blogging about slow fashion, reading Stephen King, or planning her next adventure.

Mandie Armstrong, Junior Project Manager

Mandie is a digital marketing enthusiast passionate about using marketing to connect clients with their audiences in a creative and humanized way. At Content Callout, she loves working with various clients in different industries and is continuously learning. Outside Content Callout, she runs her own photography business focused on equine sport and lifestyle shoots. She’s an avid Detroit sports fan and lover of all things Disney and horses.