4 Ways to Kick off the New Year with Your Brand

4 Ways to Kick off the New Year with Your Brand

Kayla Graham

The New Year offers the opportunity to reflect on last year’s wins and losses and learn from them. People traditionally focus on resolutions and improvements. And, there’s no reason why brands can’t do the same. After all, learning from the past is essential; it helps individuals and companies grow. Celebrate the New Year with creative ways to promote your brand—and set some new goals. Here are four ways to kick off the New Year with your brand.


Hold a New Year’s resolution themed contest

 Expand on the idea of making New Year’s resolutions by encouraging your customers to set goals through a contest. It’s a great way to make your brand part of people’s vision for the new year. As well, it aligns your customers’ goals with those of your brand’s. Think about how to engage your clients when producing your resolution themed promotion. For example, an athletic apparel company could hold a fitness goal-related photo contest. Having customers share their photos stimulates user-generated content. You can also encourage people to use trackable hashtags. And getting people involved by holding polls where they can vote on the winner will further engage your audience.

Promotions can expand your audience when you encourage contestants to use branded hashtags, share the contest, and ask their friends to vote. Sharing your winners’ stories, and their rewards on your socials can also build on your brand story.


Refresh your content ideas

The New Year is a great time to look over what content worked last year—what engaged people the most. And keep building on that. At the same time, see what didn’t work so well, and brainstorm how you can reimagine it to make it better. Check-in with analytics or share some New Year’s polls. Feedback is crucial in finding out what is relevant to your audience. Try to see the world through your community’s eyes. And then you can move forward with content that resonates with them.

Every year there are more tools to help your business and brand. New technologies continually surface, and consumer trends change. Check out new trends and technologies and see what might help keep your brand’s content innovative. And plan how you can incorporate some of them.


Make internal resolutions

Even though a new year is an exciting time for a brand to make new external plans, it’s important to check-in with how your internal culture is doing—and from here, see what you can improve. Conducting employee surveys and asking for general feedback is valuable. And find out how well everyone grasps your brand mission and vision. Does it still inspire people? Employees are the heart of a company and should understand the brand’s big pig picture—not to mention they are the people your customers see every day. So, making sure they still align with your brand, and are still happy, is key to starting a new year with your best foot forward.


Share success stories

You’ve evaluated your content and culture and set some goals. But don’t forget to reflect on your successes and share them. Sharing your brand’s victories is a great way to add to your brand story. It highlights how your brand is evolving. By making your successes inspirational and relatable, you build your brand image. It might also encourage your customers to share your success stories. Similarly, sharing your customers’ success stories can be a great way to build on your brand story. For instance, a fitness club could share clients’ health transformation stories.

Kick off the new year with your brand: set goals for culture, content, and promotions. Evaluate your strategy, celebrate your successes, and have fun promoting your brand.

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