5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Social Media and Content Marketing Agency

5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Social Media and Content Marketing Agency

Kayla Graham

Marketing your business online, whether it’s a B2B or B2C, is a must in the digital era. But it’s not easy doing your own marketing, especially when it comes to social media and content marketing, which require high levels of strategy and lots of time to execute properly.

That’s where hiring a social media and content marketing agency can be helpful. You can focus on the work you do best, and they focus on your social media and content marketing.

But where do you even start with choosing an agency? It can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this list of five things to look for when hiring a social media and content marketing agency. 

Why Work with an Agency?

Think of working with a social media and content marketing agency as having a supportive partner on board that is genuinely interested in getting you results and a high ROI for your brand. The right agency can give you the expertise, inspiration, and insight you need to achieve your business goals and grow your brand.

Many brands keep doing the same strategy, (or employing no strategy) which is not effective, and gets them little to no results. An outsider will see things much more objectively. They can point out flaws, suggest improvements, new strategies, and new ideas that you and your team may not have thought of on your own.

It’s easy having tunnel vision, but an agency can expand your vision and get you out of the tunnel. 

Figure Out Your Company’s Marketing Requirements

Before you hire an agency, you should figure out your marketing requirements. Get your team together or just yourself if you’re a one-person team and establish what your goals and objectives for your business are—at least for the next six to twelve months.

Doing this will enable you to have a target to aim for. Your agency will also have more clarity on their end, which results in them being able to help you more.

Think about the following:

  • Your content needs: video, social media, blog posts, infographics, etc.
  • Your SEO and analytics needs
  • Your design and development: website design, user experience, etc.
  • Your target audience and market reach
  • Your budget for working with an agency

1. An Agency that Walks Their Talk

You wouldn’t go to a personal trainer that was unfit and had poor results, would you? At least we hope not. You would want to see proof that they are getting results for their clients. They walk their talk!

The same principle applies to hiring a social media and content marketing agency. If they are not getting results for their clients, why would you go through them?

To determine if they walk their talk and have great results, we recommend the following:

  • Look at their case studies. Who have some of their clients been? What results have they gotten for them? What’s their reputation?
  • Look at their overall social proof—what are others saying about them? Check out their testimonials, online reviews, feedback, etc.
  • Look at what marketing results they are getting for themselves. For instance, if you need help with running a blog, how do they run their blog? What you see tells you a lot.

2. An Agency with Good Systems in Place

A good social media and content marketing agency will have great systems in place that allow them to be organized and on track to get you great results. They should talk you through the process of how they will work with you.

There should be 100% transparency, so there’s no guessing or worrying on your end. You know the why, who, what, when and even the how. If these are not clear, you can easily feel neglected.

To determine if they have sound systems in place, we recommend you ask them the following questions:

  1. Who will be my point of contact?
  2. How much work is produced by your staff versus outsourcing?
  3. What does your process look like?
  4. What’s the best way to communicate?
  5. What materials do you need from us?
  6. What are common roadblocks and obstacles to avoid?
  7. How can we help on our side to make things go smooth?

3. An Agency with Demonstrated Expertise and Knowledge

Along with demonstrating real results, a social media and content marketing agency should demonstrate expertise and awareness in the areas they work in. For instance, if they specialize in B2B content marketing, they should show knowledge of this industry. It should be clear on their website and all their marketing.

To help you determine if they have expertise and knowledge, we recommend the following:

  • Review content they produce on their website, social media, and any eBooks or other marketing materials. Does it reflect expertise and knowledge of the area?
  • Study the people behind the agency. What are their credentials, background, overall reputation, etc.?
  • Are some of the team members thought leaders in their field? Do they participate in industry discussions, events, publish books, appear in podcasts, etc.?

4. An Agency That Offers Amazing Customer Service

In the digital era, customer service is still essential, and when hiring a social media and content marketing agency, it is paramount. You should be working with an agency that delivers fantastic customer service.

To help you determine if they offer incredible customer service, we recommend the following:

  • Establish what they’re like from the first point of contact. This tells you so much. What vibe and overall feeling do you get? Don’t discard it!
  • See if they actually care about your brand, or are they more into the one-size-fits-all approach.
  • See if money comes up early on in the conversation. It should be more about how they will help you. Money should come later. 

5. An Agency That’s Open to Feedback

Never work with an agency that isn’t open to feedback. This is a red flag.

Feedback enables good long-term relationship building and fosters trust. To help you determine if they are indeed open to feedback, we recommend the following:

  • Ask them how they challenge themselves and what they do to improve
  • Ask their opinion on emerging trends in the industry
  • Get their feedback on other thought leaders in the industry, including possible competitors
  • Give them feedback as soon as work commences and see how they react and what they do

The right agency could generate millions of dollars in revenue for your brand while you focus on your strengths.

Book a time with the team at Content Callout, and let’s discuss how we can increase your revenue and overall ROI.