All Things B2B Marketing: 100 Episodes of The Content Callout Podcast

All Things B2B Marketing: 100 Episodes of The Content Callout Podcast

Mark Raffan

In celebration of The Content Callout’s 100th podcast episode our team has come together to share our favorites from the podcast, from guests to quotes to more. Celebrate with us and get nuggets of gold on B2B marketing to apply to your B2B.

What Podcast Episodes Excite Our Team?

There are so many podcast episodes that excite our team at Content Callout, but for this piece, we selected some of our staff favorites (no easy task!) to share the following nuggets of wisdom.

Sarah Sunico-Martens, Social Media Specialist

In my view, copywriting is like a superpower—it can make or break your content. So, I loved Episode 69: Conquer Copywriting with Kate Bradley Chernis’s Unique Approach. Some key highlights from Kate that you can apply to your B2B:

  • Share pieces of your personality with your audience. Convey intimacy and emotion behind what you’re saying. You always want the reader to relate to you.
  • Read your text out loud after you write it. If it feels cumbersome coming out of your mouth, it’s cumbersome to read.
  • Start sentences with verbs (Power Words). It becomes a call to action and a command. Instead of saying, “I really think you should go to this movie,” say, “Go to this movie.”

Sarah Episode 100

Stacey Watts, Social Media Specialist

Honestly, there are so many great episodes that, for me, it’s hard to pick just one. Each one of these episodes has a great human story element to them, plus multiple lessons to learn on how to create community, build the know, like and trust factor, and optimize your content.

My top five are

  1. Understanding the Value of a Slack Community with Michael Cadieux and David Feinman, Ep #83,
  2. Conquer Copywriting with Kate Bradley Chernis’s Unique Approach, Ep #69,
  3. How to Add Value as a Thought Leader Through Content with Andrea Smith, Ep #60,
  4. Marley Jaxx: Bored Dental Hygienist Turned Social Media Influencer, Ep #27
  5. The Dos and Don’ts of Marketing Cannabis With Amber Craig, Ep #31.

Maggie Toth, Designer

I loved Episode 75: Successfully Marketing for Your Sales Team With Pam Didner, as she had great insights and tips, and her super fun personality shone through. Her episode was really fun to listen to. I especially loved the part where she talks about how the number of “you” should be more than “we.” Essentially, it’s all about putting the spotlight on your audience and not you. Address them directly in your content by using more of “you” and less of “we.”

Mandie Armstrong, Project Manager

My belief in marketing is that you need to sell less and speak more—connect with your audience on a more human level rather than just throwing sales pitches at them constantly. If you can connect and make your content relatable, human, informative, and engaging, you’re doing something right. The following three podcast episodes all speak on investing in the human side of marketing and the elements you need to connect at that level:

  1. B2B Brands and Social Media: Where Do You Invest Your Time with Tuck Ross
  2. How to Make Social Media Your Secret Weapon Per Emily Ptak
  3. How to Infuse Digital Content with Personality According to Travis Tyler

Maria Berlando, Writer Manager

I liked Episode 85: How to Foster an Inclusive Culture as a Marketing Leader with Joseph Taiano because it discusses how as a leader, you need to show up for each other and foster an inclusive culture. You also need to make sure people feel taken care of, seen, and heard. I love the point that representation matters, and you must show it so people can see there is a career path for them—it’s more than just throwing a pride flag on your social account. Company policies, behavior, and language need to back this up too.

Maria Episode 100

Words of Wisdom from Our Podcast Guests

Our team has gathered wisdom from our podcast guests that you can apply to your B2B marketing.

Sarah Sunico-Martens

“Everything someone sees is a touchpoint.” Kate Bradley Chernis, Episode 69. I love this point because it’s a reminder that we can say things without literally saying things. Sometimes we reveal too much too fast. You want to catch and hold the reader’s attention, not give everything away at once.

Stacey Watts

“Look at a company like Lego…they show a lifestyle, having imagination, working without rules, improvising, working with kids together as a team. Oh yeah, it also happens to happen with Lego bricks” The Lego isn’t what isn’t what’s important; it’s the magic and the building. Basically, showing without telling.” Robert Rose Episode 1, our very first podcast episode. It all began here!

Maggie Toth

“We need to see people challenging the existing ways of doing things in B2B.” Travis Tyler Episode 84. So many people in the B2B space are stuck in the old way of doing things. Times are changing, and we need to keep up, be creative, and experiment with new ideas.

Mandie Armstrong

I couldn’t narrow it down! There are so many good quotes, but the following resonate the most with me based on my personal and professional beliefs and goals.

  • “I think no matter which platform, which way you’re going, it’s B2Human.” Tuck Ross Episode 54.
  • “People want to work where they’re celebrated, not tolerated. So, if you want to retain your employees today, one, you have to show representation so that people understand that there’s a career path for them, and that most importantly that they belong and feel include.” Joseph Taiano Episode 85.
  • “I need to remind myself to even be compassionate when I do stumble and fall within a project and not get lost up in that egotistical mindset. And rather, you know what, it’s okay, this is a new project, this is the new role, of course, there’s going to be learnings along the way, and that’s okay. Just don’t let that get in the way of moving forward with a successful campaign” Angela Cope Episode 87.

Maria Berlando

The following quotes stood out to me—and still do.

  • “When we approach challenges in a curiosity mindset, we open ourselves up to an opportunity to learn, grow, and teach within that day. Angela Cope Episode 87
  • “If patriarchy was a stream, there’s a current, and for some reason, the female-identified fish have to swim against the current, and they’re just like, ‘What is this water? This is stupid.’ For us male fish, it takes us where we want to go for the most part until we find still water, we get fished out, or we have to compete against other fish. And what that looks like in the real world is job loss, divorce, identity crisis, substance issues, etc.” Jake Stika Episode 33

Guests That Inspire Us

We need to state that every guest on our podcast was an inspiration, but for the sake of brevity, our team chose the following guests for our dosage of inspiration.


Sarah Scudder, marketing thought leader in Episode 65, shared so many great insights on marketing, and you can tell she loves what she does, which makes it even more enjoyable to listen to.


Both Derek Hovinga and Sarah Scudder Episode 73. Derek introduced me to the Flywheel Method, which I’ve found to be more effective than the typical marketing funnel. Sarah gave fantastic LinkedIn tips. One being you should expect ROI from your content posting within 90 days.


Sarah Scudder Episode 73 for her many great LinkedIn tips and her overall passion for marketing which comes through when you listen.

Maggie Episode 100


Angela Cope Episode 87 and Joseph Taiano Episode 85. Both spoke about issues that matter to me. I grew up in a very inclusive and diverse environment, and that has always been something I’ve carried with me into my professional life. Hearing Joseph speak about the importance of diversity and inclusion really resonated with me.

I’ve struggled a lot in the past with mental health and finding the proper balance between work-life balance, so Angela’s episode speaking about mindfulness really resonated with me. She gave great insights on how to bring mindfulness into the workplace and find that proper balance.


Jake Stika Episode 33. I did a lot of research on issues surrounding masculinity and gender in grad school, so I found this fascinating. I subscribe to Jake’s NextGen Men newsletter. I also saw his “This Is What It Feels Like” installation at Stampede 2017, where you entered a trailer with video projections of men making lewd comments. It was intense but eye-opening (mostly for men, as many women experience this type of behavior regularly) to see how certain words and gestures make women feel.

Side note: Not knowing what was inside, I brought my son into the installation (at the time he was 7), and when we got out, he turned to me and hugged me. It shows how vital this work is for reshaping what it means to be “masculine.” It would be great to see more marketing reflect this over resorting to gender stereotypes.

What’s Next for The Content Callout Podcast?

So, what comes next for our podcast? See what some of our team had to say.


I’d love to hear an in-depth conversation about meme marketing! And guerrilla marketing would be interesting to learn more about too.


I’d like to hear how to choose the right stories to connect your organization with personal connections like

  • How to use ABM Strategies for better lead generation
  • Effective review of quarterly and annual marketing campaigns for better future projects
  • Challenges facing creative teams


I think it would be interesting to have some creative directors on the show to learn more about marketing from the creator’s standpoint: planning campaigns, how they manage the creative process from concept to completion, and how they translate marketing objectives into clear creative strategies.


Keep having great guests who are staying on top of industry trends, along with more guests who focus on the employee or behind-the-scenes issues/topics going on in the B2B world.


I’d like to hear conversations on subjects like green marketing, guerrilla marketing, and diversity, equity, and inclusion in marketing.

We are excited about our 100th podcast episode but even more about the value it brings you and your company. Each episode is a goldmine for B2B marketing from top industry thought leaders and experts. For greater B2B marketing, book time with our team. And don’t forget to keep listening to our podcast on Apple, Stitcher, Google Play, or Spotify.

Mark Raffan

Mark Raffan

Mark is a serial entrepreneur and lover of marketing and influence. Mark built the #1 negotiation podcast in the world and is an expert negotiation, influence, and persuasion coach that has coached executives and their teams in some of the largest companies in the world.