B2B Brands: You’re Allowed to Create Entertaining Content 

B2B Brands: You’re Allowed to Create Entertaining Content 

Mark Raffan

B2B brands tend to take themselves far too seriously, and they lose the entertainment factor, which is becoming increasingly important on social media. Sure, your content needs to be educational and informative. But if your content isn’t entertaining, no one is going to come back to you to learn more.

The question becomes, can you find talent in your business to drive this? Or do you need to hire someone?

Option #1: Consider core influencers within your business

You have core influencers built inside your business that you may never have considered. Executives? Employees? Help them tell the story of your brand. Tuck Ross—the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Synchrony—believes people identify with a strong sense of purpose and leadership. They want to move in a direction together. It creates a rally cry as long as you can demonstrate that you have a vision for where you’re going together. B2B brands can do that too.

Everything comes back to developing the core narrative of what you want to share and pushing it into the audience you’re trying to reach. Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are excellent at delivering the human connection. These brands are enormous. Being able to identify with the founder or someone in the organization is key to building relationships.

Option #2: Consider using an influencer that’s a happy customer

You can find an influencer to tell your story and sell your product and service. If they’re a customer, it comes across authentically. There are multiple ways as long as the narration of the story is consistent. The plus side of using an outside influencer is that multiple sources of consistent content help carry the load.

How to overcome inconsistent messages

Some companies can be hesitant because someone could say something that isn’t aligned with the business. That’s why everyone in your organization—and in your sphere of influencers—needs to understand your core values, the value system, and what you do for your customer. What do you intend to give to them?

You could set up a core team to vet any information that’s put out there. You can treat your influencer program like any media program. You can check that the right statements are being made and the right boxes are being checked. It’s still authentic because it’s coming from the individual.

Invest time on TikTok

A blog post about entertaining content would be remiss if it didn’t include a discussion about TikTok. TikTok is another platform that has a high base of influencers. TikTok allows brands to both formally engage and find brand-appropriate influencers, which can be hard to do on other platforms. But they’ve made it a piece of their ad model.

Doctors on TikTok have millions of followers. People are selling real estate on TikTok. People share their Etsy products. Others are just linking to Amazon affiliate profiles. Toy manufacturers are leveraging influencers to sell millions of dollars of products. TikTok announced a Shopify integration. They already have a TeeSpring integration. It’s positioned to become a centerpiece for social commerce in ways that Instagram hasn’t and can’t.

So why wouldn’t your brand want to work with an influencer to create entertaining and informative content on TikTok? To learn more about this topic, listen to episode #54 of the Content Callout podcast. Tuck Ross covers the importance of leveraging social media coupled with the power of human connection. It can’t be missed!

Mark Raffan

Mark Raffan

Mark is a serial entrepreneur and lover of marketing and influence. Mark built the #1 negotiation podcast in the world and is an expert negotiation, influence, and persuasion coach that has coached executives and their teams in some of the largest companies in the world.