Drive Demand Gen with This 6-Step Approach to Content

Drive Demand Gen with This 6-Step Approach to Content

Kayla Graham

Leela Gill emphasizes that you want to create a feeling in your reader—or listener—that drives interest in your product or service. The style of your content depends on your industry and the persona you’re targeting. You simply match your style to who you’re trying to sell to.

The feeling you create can be an “aha moment,” like you just learned something or “Wow, it’s such a relief I’m not the only one that feels this way.” It could simply mean creating feelings of excitement in someone.

Create a feeling in the reader

Humans make decisions emotionally and use the left side of the brain to justify emotional decisions. That’s why you pair creating a feeling with hard data. If someone is excited to try your product, they justify their decision with the data you’ve given them. You need the left brain and right brain to work together to stimulate action.

When you buy a car, you choose a bigger model “because the kids need the space.” But you’re truly buying it because you like the bigger model better. It’s a key piece that a lot of people miss. You must always tie the reader’s emotion to making a decision. What will move them toward taking action? Emotion. Without that, it becomes challenging to move them along the funnel.

So how do you approach the development of emotional content?

How to approach the development of content

  1. Know your products. Know your products to the point that you, as a marketing person, can demo them. Secondly, helping is the new selling. The buyer’s journey isn’t always linear, and you need to be ready to catch them when they’re ready for you.
  2. Create high-value content. There’s search engine content (SEO-type content) and high-value content. You have to make sure you’re offering best practices, checklists, guides, interviews, and other high-value content so people can learn from it.
  3. Put data into everything. You need to make your points with data, so you resonate with your readers. Use reliable stats and data to prove the point you’re trying to make.
  4. Create a feeling in your reader. After someone reads your piece, you want them to have a “wow” moment that compels them to read or listen again. Creating that feeling in the reader is critical.
  5. Beautiful works. Your website and your content need to be beautiful. Your eBooks need to be beautiful and easy to read. Human beings know this instinctively. Make an effort to make your content beautiful and easy to read.
  6. Subject matter experts are worth it. Early-stage companies tend to look for someone on Upwork to write a blog piece. But the world is changing, and Google is leading the change. If people aren’t reading your content, Google doesn’t consider it high-value and won’t rank it. Find subject matter experts and get their perspectives on your site.

These six things work together to give you great content. To learn more about this topic, check out episode #59 of the Content Callout podcast!