Grow Your B2B With Social Selling in 2020 and Beyond

Grow Your B2B With Social Selling in 2020 and Beyond

Kayla Graham

Social selling is fast becoming a popular selling technique to help grow your B2B with getting customers and building more meaningful relationships. If you haven’t yet used social selling for your B2B, you’re most likely losing business to your more socially savvy competitors. Get on board and find out how you can start applying it to grow your B2B.


The ABCs of Social Selling

Social selling is the process of identifying and engaging with customers using online platforms to help drive the sales process. Traditionally it’s been mostly done through cold calling, but social selling is changing this. Cold calling could soon be a thing of the past. At its core, social selling aims to build more meaningful relationships with customers. Keep in mind, it’s not an invitation to push your own selling agenda. Instead, it’s simply another way of finding and keeping customers in the digital age.


Key Benefits of Social Selling for B2B

In response to changing customer behaviour, social selling offers you the following key benefits:

  • Better selling strategy (reduces and possibly eliminates cold calls)
  • Your buyers are already online on social platforms (go and engage with them)
  • Helps you stay ahead and relevant (It’s the digital age so you must adapt)
  • Provides a faster way of delivering information to customers


How B2B Should Use Social Selling

As with anything in marketing, you need the right strategy. So, before you dive deep into social selling, implement the following tested and proven strategies.


Build Meaningful Relationships

Relationships are the key to business success. With social selling, you need to pick and join the right network (online platforms where your customers are). Don’t just apply the shotgun approach and target all platforms. This wastes time and effort and leaves you feeling scattered. Be strategic and target only the platforms that your customers will be on. From here, start building solid relationships. To help you organize and utilize your social media platforms, use these tools.


Listen in on Conversations

We’re not suggesting you breach any privacy laws here; rather, we’re recommending you implement a customer-centric process. This involves putting customers first before pushing your product or service on them. You actually start to listen to what they are saying about B2B. Listen closely when they are talking about the challenges they are facing and the solutions they are chasing. Also, listen to their suggestions and feedback, including any criticism. This will provide you with much valuable information that you can put to good business use.


Gather Useful Data on Customers

You can get useful insights into your customers through the right social media platforms. For example, you can learn about their roles in a company, their pain points, buying behaviours, who they follow, etc. From this, you can form a customer persona. You can then leverage this information to help you create a better buying process. As well, with data, you can provide your customers with the right content to further help them on their buying journey.


Keep Adding Value

It’s no secret that adding value is critical to your business success. If you’re not doing it or doing it right, rest assured there are plenty of contenders out there (your competition) getting it right. This means more B2B customers lost to them. To add value, just remember good practices like building long-term relationships, not pushing sales agendas, providing quality content, etc. Do these consistently, and you’ll have customers coming back for more.


Start using social selling to grow your B2B today. For more help and assistance, contact our expert team, and we’ll take care of the rest.