How to Identify Your Sole Defining Purpose for Your SaaS Solution

How to Identify Your Sole Defining Purpose for Your SaaS Solution

Mark Raffan

Defining your sole purpose for your SaaS solution is key to your success and overall marketing.  It’s crucial to understand how your SaaS solution helps solve your customer’s problems and what your unique selling proposition is, in an overly crowded digital market.

To help you with it, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide full of great insights on identifying your sole defining purpose. So read on!

SaaS Solutions for the Digitized World

As the world becomes more digitized globally, companies are looking for the best software for their needs. Though now mainstream, businesses may still have questions about how cloud-based software can benefit their company.

When companies look for a solution, they will most likely shop around and consider different solutions. So you have to stand out and be transparent across all your marketing messages. Your potential future clients must understand how you will help them with your solution from the first time they hear about you.

Remember, first impressions count, especially in the digital world.

How Does Your SaaS Solution Add Value?

Like with any B2B business solution, it’s essential that you know how your SaaS solution adds value. This is the who, what, when, where, and how. If you’re unclear or unsure about these, your potential clients will also be unclear, and you want to avoid this at all costs.

You can’t expect to get a good ROI if you don’t know how your SaaS solution adds value. If not clearly defined and positioned correctly, your solution becomes another commodity in a crowded market.

At its core, a SaaS solution should allow businesses to offer more efficient and effective services to customers by helping them streamline their data. It all comes down to adding massive value to customers, so they become raving fans of your solution and not that of the competitor.

Identify What Your Business and SaaS Solution Is

To help you define your sole purpose, it helps to identify what your business and SaaS solution is (and is not). Customers, stakeholders, and investors always need to know what your solution is, so they know exactly what they will get. From both a marketing and branding perspective, you need to be clear on how your product will solve your customers’ pain points.

SaaS marketing and branding is about your customers and how you want them to see your solution and company in general. We recommend you ask these questions to help you identify what your business and solution is:

  • What makes customers choose your services?
  • What capabilities and points of difference make you different from your competitors?
  • How unique is your offer, and can it be easily replicated?
  • What cybersecurity measures are in place?

Content Marketing for Your SaaS Solution

A good content marketing strategy is essential to help position your SaaS solution as the best on the market. You can also hire content marketing experts that specialize in SaaS to help you. Great content combined with great marketing is one of your most powerful allies and gets your message across efficiently.

Content marketing will help position your messaging clearly on the right channels (e.g., social media, blogs, YouTube, etc.). You can talk about the benefits of your solution. For example, you may want to talk about:

  • Accessibility: Ability to run via an internet browser 24/7 from any device
  • Operational Management: No installation, equipment updates, or traditional licensing management
  • Cost Effective: No upfront hardware costs and flexible payment methods such as pay-as-you-go models
  • Scalability: Easily scale a solution to accommodate changing needs
  • Data Storage: Data is routinely saved in the cloud
  • Analytics: Access to data reporting and intelligence tools
  • Cyber Security: Security technology and expertise

 What Differentiates You from the Competition?

This is your point of difference, otherwise known as a USP (unique selling proposition). And when presenting your SaaS solution, your point of difference must be clear. After all, why should companies come to you with so much to choose from? You need to be at the top of their mind, so when they think of a SaaS solution, they automatically think of you.

Own a piece of real estate in their minds. That’s what all big brands do. Think about brands like Nike, Apple, Tesla, Amazon. They own a piece of real estate in your mind, even if you have never purchased from them. Along with world-class marketing, they know how to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Remember that potential clients want to know what you can offer them that your competitors can’t. Does your solution have any features that other software doesn’t? Talk about these in all your messaging, both online and offline. If it doesn’t apply, then talk about how the services you offer set you apart:

  • Do you go out of your way to ensure that you offer the best customer service and support?
  • Is your sales and onboarding process easier than other companies?
  • Do you offer a free trial of your software?
  • Are you targeting a more specific, smaller niche?
  • Do you offer extra incentives and bonuses that the competitors don’t?

Challenges in the Digital Age

In our digital age and economy, companies are working tirelessly to reduce non-added value and complexity. They are also looking for opportunities to simplify implementations and integrate requirements. Companies are under increasing pressure from tight investment markets and tight deadlines to not spend time and money on complex software solutions. Software solutions must be quick, easily rolled out, and be easy to implement.

To maximize customer satisfaction, we need better SaaS solutions that can help. This is where you must first clearly define your sole defining position and then position your solution with the right marketing, content, and branding.

It all comes back to defining your purpose and then positioning that purpose and messaging correctly.

Let the team at Content Callout help you position your SaaS solution in the best possible way with our content marketing. Book time with one of our experts today to see how we can help.

Mark Raffan

Mark Raffan

Mark is a serial entrepreneur and lover of marketing and influence. Mark built the #1 negotiation podcast in the world and is an expert negotiation, influence, and persuasion coach that has coached executives and their teams in some of the largest companies in the world.