Trending Topics: How to Keep Your Content on Top of the Trends

Trending Topics: How to Keep Your Content on Top of the Trends

Kayla Graham

Staying on top of content trends is vital for a business: it gives you an advantage over competition. If you produce compelling content, clients are more likely to follow you on social media, listen to your advice, and read your blogs, articles, and newsletters. 

Ideally, you want to find content with the most buzz around it—material that is new and fresh. If you share too late, your content could get lost in masses of similar information. As well, social media platforms have an algorithm that identifies trending topics. So, to get to the top of everybody’s feeds, you have to follow the trends.

Here are some tips on how to keep up with the trends:

Stay on top of social media

Check social media every day. Customize your business’s feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you can easily browse relevant and trending topics. Head over to your LinkedIn page and scan through what the best in your industry is sharing. Twitter also has a “Trending Topics” sidebar that you can customize. Look for posts with high engagement—these are the topics people are following. A tool like Pocket allows you to save articles, videos, and webpages. If you’re too busy to read now, you can view everything from a convenient dashboard later.

Use trending search tools

Google Trends analyzes the popularity of top searches across many regions and languages. It shows interesting trending content in real-time—and it’s always up to date. You can also quickly view the top stories or charts. Buzzsumo is another tool that enables you to search for topics that are trending now. Check out their Content Discovery feature for ideas on cutting-edge content. You can also filter by topic. So, if celebrity gossip isn’t your interest, filter it out.  


 Attend local conferences, networking events, industry talks, and meetings. Networking connects you with industry experts and colleagues who have new knowledge on the trends. Joining Facebook groups dedicated to your industry is also a great way to network and keep current with trends. 

Read industry news

Industry websites and online publications (like newsletters) are great resources for specific issues in your field. They might be the first places in your industry to publish marketing trends. Do some research to see what you should subscribe to. Get on their email lists. Blogs and other online communities are also a great way to keep informed about your profession. They give insight into content that stands out. One example is Medium. Discover the most popular content across its platform by visiting “Popular on Medium” from the homepage. As well, if you search by specific tags relevant to your industry, trending content is displayed first.

Know your competition

Stay aware of what your competitors are doing. By watching similar businesses, you can catch emerging trends. How do they market and sell their products and services? What kind of content are they sharing? They may have found something that you haven’t discovered yet. You want to stay ahead of the competition. But, knowing what they’re up to can help you stay alert to new developments—then add your unique spin.

Engage customers

Customer feedback can help you see your industry from the other side. Get customers’ insight from surveys or by replying to their posts on your social media channels. See your industry from their perspective. Honest feedback might also reveal issues that current trends haven’t addressed—and could even help you become a trend-setter.

Staying aware of trending topics allows your brand to produce content that is interesting and relevant—the content that will grab attention and set you apart from competition. But keep in mind, if something is trending (like the death of a celebrity), do not post frivolous content. Hold off until the trends calm down. Otherwise, your content won’t gain much traction.


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