Content is King: 3 Ways to Share Engaging Content on LinkedIn

Content is King: 3 Ways to Share Engaging Content on LinkedIn

Kayla Graham

Even though it was first coined 14 years ago, we continue to hear the famous marketing slogan: Content is King!  And that’s because it’s still true.

Why? Because content:

  • helps people find you
  • generates traffic
  • converts viewers into connections
  • shares your brand’s story

LinkedIn content is no exception. Sharing interesting content can help you raise awareness, capture leads, and make sales. Here are three ways to produce content that sparks engagement on LinkedIn.


  1. Content Creation 

LinkedIn is a great place to create and share content that offers value to your industry. Six out of ten users actively look for industry insights on LinkedIn. So create content that educates and inspires members. It can set you apart as a thought leader. A few types of content can help you do this:

  • Blog posts: Posting your blog content on LinkedIn can help you build brand awareness and grow your reach. It can also drive viewers to your webpage.
  • How-to and list-style posts: publishing this style of content directly to LinkedIn offers you visibility on the site. How-to’s and list-style posts also tend to perform well on LinkedIn.
  • Quick tips: simple posts that contain industry tips and tricks get attention. They’re easy to read and provide useful information. LinkedIn is a professional network. So keep your topics related to subjects professionals find valuable—for example, productivity, leadership, and career success.
  • Visual content: images are a great way to show off your brand’s personality. You can show compelling pictures taken at events or your workplace. You could also create and share photos of your team at work. As well, sharing informative graphs can grab attention and inform. The options are many.


  1. Content Curation

Content curation lets you engage your audience and increase your presence without investing time and money into content creation.

  • Share content from industry news sites, respected influencers, and blogs. It’s a great way to add to the content you create. Follow some of the top influencers in your industry to see what content they’re sharing. As well, follow hashtags related to your field (for instance, #digitalmarketing).
    To engage your audience, introduce your posts with a personal comment about the work you’re sharing.
  • You can also share your clients’ content. Your customers have an interest in your business already. And some of them likely create and curate exciting content. When you share their content, it strengthens your relationship. And it also helps you produce the kind of content that your clients value.
  • As well, share the content your prospects are creating and curating. It helps you produce quality content, promote their work, and satisfy your audience’s content desires. It might even turn your prospects into clients.


  1. Documents

Documents can be a great way to engage and inform your audience. And they can help make your page a go-to source for industry updates and news. All members on LinkedIn can upload documents like PDFs and PowerPoints directly to their feed, in a group, or on their LinkedIn pages.

  • LinkedIn is the number one channel B2B marketers use to distribute content. Since members are looking for informative industry content, it’s an ideal platform for sharing research-related case-studies, reports, or whitepapers.
  • You can post documents, presentations, and slideshows directly to your feed. These can help you share valuable information, insights, and break down complex subjects.

Content lets people interact with you and your business. It drives engagement and builds brand identity and awareness. So, make sure to create, curate, and share valuable content on LinkedIn.