Design Trends for 2020

Design Trends for 2020

Maggie Toth

Graphic design is continuously shaped by themes in advertising, technology, and architecture, as well as social and economic trends.

The modern world we are entrenched in, definitely influences visual ideas. So far, graphic design in 2020 is no exception to this. And with all of the things happening in the world—from advancing technology to social movements—we find a broad spectrum of trends.

Here’s a look at just some of the trends that are taking us into the 2020s.


  1. Color Schemes

Colors—from our perception of them to the way they’re used together—play a central role in graphic design. Over the years, color trends shift. From harmonious neutrals to bold and bright, expect color schemes in 2020 to get more interesting.

Vibrant and bold colors are popular as brands attempt to stand out. You can see examples of this in neon-infused illustrations, street art designs, and cyberpunk color schemes. But at the same time, earthy color palettes that convey a vintage vibe are also making an appearance. These colors can help a design to feel natural, organic, and calming. And the sustainability movement is only getting bigger in the ’20s.


  1. Three-Dimensional

The 3D trend was big last year. But don’t expect it to go away. Over the past year, a lot of designs have created a 3D look by layering typography, images, and abstract shapes, which can create depth. With budding modern technology and software, it is getting easier to produce 3D graphics. So, we can expect to see even more 3D designs moving forward in 2020.

Designers can combine three-dimensional designs with other elements, like two-dimensional objects and photography. A three-dimensional shape used on a static background is eye-catching and can create texture.

3D typography is also trendy and can add an element of playfulness or help your words pop.


  1. Bold typography

How you use typography in a design impacts its overall theme, tone, and message. Typography has been getting bigger and louder over the past few years. And don’t expect that to stop in the ’20s.

Typography can define and alter the message. If used effectively, bold typography can create a unique character, style, and mood for brands and beyond. A trend in 2020 is to feature bold sans-serif types to modernize designs. There’s also a rise in typography-led designs over other elements like photography or illustration.


  1. Non-conformity 

Above everything else, expect the unexpected. Designs that break the rules, like clashing colors, are increasing. Rebellious features create a feeling of defiance and can create visual tension in designs. And it allows creating something totally new (or purposefully defiant) that stands out enough to draw attention. Stretched typography is an example of one broken rule being used. More designers are getting experimental and pushing boundaries. But to break the rules, you should know them first.

Breaking traditional rules allows designers to play with typography, use daring and unexpected layouts that combine elements uniquely, and embrace imperfection.

From exciting color schemes to breaking graphic design rules, we are seeing a wide assortment of thrilling trends in 2020. It’s exciting to see where the ’20s will take us as themes shift, and technology continues to bloom.