Ditch Your Outdated Marketing Playbook—Move to Podcasting

Ditch Your Outdated Marketing Playbook—Move to Podcasting

Kayla Graham

So many older brands are wondering how to network in today’s day and age. How do you connect with your target market in a whole new way? According to Lindsay Tjepkema, it’s time to toss out your marketing playbook and replace it—with a playlist.

Lindsay has a master’s degree in integrative marketing communication. She is a self-proclaimed marketing nerd. If anyone knows “the playbook,” it’s Lindsay. She was around when the term “content marketing” started to emerge between 2000–2005. That was before video streaming was available in our homes. It was before smartphones and the iPad. It was before social media was a thing for brands to embrace. It was definitely before podcasts.

Content marketing was based on writing. Brands could write and publish online, and someone could see their content in seconds. It was a new thing, so they did it a lot. It worked, and it worked well. Calls to action led to lists that could be nurtured. That led to closed deals.

But as smartphones, social media, video, and podcasts emerged, we didn’t change the playbook. We just did a lot more. An audience wants to see and hear you. But Lindsay notes that we are trying to serve Google so our audience will find us. It’s a tangled web.

Switch your focus to conversations

The new playlist should be: let’s keep the same people and stuff, but instead of focusing on writing, SEO, and ranking—we start with a conversation. Start by serving your audience. Transcribe your podcast episode and let search engines find you based on the written conversations you’re having.

Dig deeper into the pieces of the conversation that’s worthy of a blog post. Pull clips to share on social media. Follow up with prospects about things that were said on the show. There’s so much more you can do when you start with a recorded conversation that is more efficient and more effective for everyone. It’s more relevant and exciting for your audience.

Podcasts = the ability to create connections

People need to bring their target market onto their podcast as guests to learn from them and build relationships with them. You build relationships to learn from them to be more appealing, engaging, and well-versed in what they want to hear.

Podcasting allows you to understand your customer at the deepest level possible. The questions you ask lead to top-of-funnel content creation that blogs, videos, and social media content will be created from. The answers will become things shared on social media that can resonate with your target customer.

A podcast allows you to highlight the expertise of the guest, as well as both brands. It’s a win-win-win. The amount of value that it provides to your community and the brand awareness that it drives is next level.

Harnessing the voice of the right experts

How should people decide who to get, what to ask, and more? Lindsay notes that the word “experts” triggers thoughts of authors, keynote speakers, and influencers. But who is your audience? Are they developers? Manufacturing business leaders?

Who are the experts your audience wants to listen to? Your customers? Partners? People within your organization? Entry-level people? Who are you connected with? Who do you want to connect with? Who can you highlight or shine a light on with a great perspective that your audience wants to hear?

You can’t think that you don’t have anything to say or add because it’s just not true. There are people at any level of an organization that need to hear your brand message.

So many people get stuck on the “one persona” that might be consuming their brand. The truth is that you’re writing to different audiences. So often we get stuck in our own heads. “If I think like this, then my customer will think like this.” That’s not always true.

Lindsay implores you to look for who your experts are based on what your content is. She shares that “It’s not necessarily the business leaders or front-and-center person of the brand. It’s the person that knows the most and is passionate and excited about whatever your subject matter is.”

To hear more of her expert opinion on where the world of marketing is headed, listen to episode #34 of the Content Callout podcast!