Hashtags and Tagging on LinkedIn

Hashtags and Tagging on LinkedIn

Mark Raffan

Do you tag your connections and use hashtags on LinkedIn? If not, it’s time to start.

Hashtags and mentions aren’t just for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They’re valuable on LinkedIn, too.

Using hashtags and tagging members and companies on LinkedIn can:

  • increase engagement
  • generate profile views
  • ensure people see your posts and content

Here are some guidelines to help you tag and use hashtags (and, in turn, improve your reach) on LinkedIn.



Including hashtags allows you to reach a wider audience with your content. Hashtags work the same way on LinkedIn as they do on other social sites—they categorize content.


Why you should use hashtags on LinkedIn:

The small # symbol packs a punch. Hashtags can help you:

  • Research topics and connect with people that have similar interests.
  • Make your profile or company page more searchable.
  • Add your message to the broader conversation on a specific topic.

Adding hashtags to your content will help you get discovered by other members—including those not connected to you.

You can also follow hashtags on LinkedIn. Then, posts containing your chosen tag will appear in your feed.


How do I use hashtags on LinkedIn?

  1. Add relevant hashtags to your LinkedIn content so more people can discover you. Adding hashtags is simple:
  • When you create a post to share with your network, type # followed by the word or phrase. Or, you can click on “#Add hashtag” at the bottom of the share box and type your hashtag.
  • When you write an article from your homepage, you can include hashtags in the body or end of your article the same way as in your posts.
  • You can also add hashtags when you comment. It’s another way to strengthen your topic and make you discoverable.


  1. Find relevant hashtags to follow. Then you can join conversations.
  • In the search bar on the top of your homepage, enter the topic you’d like to find. For example, when you type #marketing, you get a list of related hashtags. Pick a hashtag from the list (e.g. #marketingtrends). Then click the “follow” button at the top of your page. Now you will see content related to the hashtag in your feed.



Using the @mention feature lets you bring another member or company into a conversation. It’s a great way to boost engagement, promote interaction, and share content. 

Why you should tag connections on LinkedIn:

  • Mentioning a connection, business, or other members encourages engagement with your posts and comments.
  • Tagging notifies members that your comment or post is relevant to them.
  • It gets you in front of the person or company you are tagging’s audience.


How do I tag on LinkedIn?

Tag people and businesses in posts or comments when you want to acknowledge or reference someone. Tagging on LinkedIn is easy:

  1. When sharing a post or commenting, type “@” followed by the name of the person or company you want to tag. When you start typing the name, a dropdown box will appear for you to select a name from.
  2. Click on the name of the person (or people) you want to tag.
  3. After you select someone and publish your post, they will receive a notification and email letting them know you’ve mentioned them.

If you want to make your content more visible—and connect with members and businesses interested in your brand—it’s time to start tagging and using hashtags on LinkedIn.

Mark Raffan

Mark Raffan

Mark is a serial entrepreneur and lover of marketing and influence. Mark built the #1 negotiation podcast in the world and is an expert negotiation, influence, and persuasion coach that has coached executives and their teams in some of the largest companies in the world.