How to Boost Your Followers and Gain Traction on TikTok

How to Boost Your Followers and Gain Traction on TikTok

Kayla Graham

How do you gain traction on TikTok? The fastest-growing social media platform is taking the world by storm—so how do you leverage the popularity? How do you become a successful TikTok influencer? Jesus Corona grew his following to over 700,000 in a matter of months. How did he do it?

Two simple strategies to boost your following

The biggest mistake that Jesus sees is that people are trying to repurpose content from Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But TikTok’s algorithm favors content produced in the app. So his #1 rule is to create content on the app. This is especially if you’re trying to teach someone. If you want to reach or market yourself as an expert, do not import content.

Secondly, the biggest thing is discoverability, so you need to keep your content short. You have to deliver your content in 30–45 seconds max. How do you do that? Jesus says the key is to break the video down into multiple snippets. Snippets are 3–7 micro-sections of a full video.

Create a pattern disrupt for your viewer

Breaking your content down into snippets creates breaks in your speech that act as a pattern disrupt for the mind. When you break it down, it also makes it easier to understand. So when you create a video, break down an idea into micro-segments. Deliver an idea one sentence at a time, so you aren’t rambling. The very next snippet in your video should be at a different angle, or in a different room, or with a different background, or something is moving. You have to constantly change it up to hold your viewer’s attention.

Because TikTok has become so big, the trend is trickling down into other social media platforms. People are implementing the same strategies on Instagram and finding success. The age of just talking is now done. You’re in a constant fight for someone’s attention.

The time and skill needed to create eye-catching videos

The nice thing about TikTok is that your videos don’t have to be beautifully edited. Viewers aren’t there for the edits when you’re teaching. You can leverage TikTok by delivering your message in quick ways. So don’t overthink the editing. It’s not different from any other social media platform.

You give your video a bubble and a title. The rest can just be you holding your phone. You hit play, say your sentence, stop it, and move on to the next sentence. It doesn’t take a lot of time, which is what made it so popular.

When you have a big idea like marketing, focus on how you can break it down into subsections. Suddenly, you have ten subsections. Then you break those down as much as you can. You explain a micropart of a giant idea in one video. You allow someone to visualize the simple idea that you’re trying to get across.

The biggest objection with TikTok

The biggest objection with people is that they didn’t think it would work for their demographic. There’s a stigma that TikTok is for younger people. But ages 24–48 are a huge chunk of the platform, and people are dismissing that.

Your demographic exists on TikTok; you just have to find them. They had over 1 billion users worldwide before the pandemic. It took them less than two years. People need to take it seriously considering the amount of traffic you can get from posting content.

And people are starving for content. It’s a missed opportunity if you decide not to get on TikTok. Why not give it a shot?

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