How to Convert Followers to Clients with Henry Kaminski Jr. (The Brand Doctor), Ep #44

How to Convert Followers to Clients with Henry Kaminski Jr. (The Brand Doctor), Ep #44

Mark Raffan

How do you convert followers to customers? How do you build a community and a relationship with your followers that makes them even want to buy from you? Henry Kaminski Jr. has a genius strategy that’s worked for him time and time again. In this episode, we talk about social media marketing strategies that convert followers to clients, how to scale your expertise, and things to ask yourself when building your brand.

Henry Kaminski Jr.—AKA The Brand Doctor—is the founder and CEO of Unique Designz, a full-service design, branding, and digital marketing agency.

Convert followers to clients (using Clubhouse + Facebook groups)

Henry is currently building Clubhouse funnels for clients. If you’re not familiar with it, Clubhouse is an audio platform that can be best described as a podcast combined with a mastermind group. When you pop into a chat room, it’s only audio and people talking. Henry was sitting on a panel next to Grant Cardone the other day. Heavy hitters in all industries are on the Clubhouse app. Droves of people are coming into these rooms to hear what these people have to say.

When Henry got on Clubhouse, the mastermind group he was a part of joined as a group. Some of these people had massive followings and influence—which automatically levels you up. He grew his following to 2,500 in two weeks because of that.

Henry creates a room every day to teach on something (like how to build funnels, how to position your brand, etc.), and he’ll start to rack in 100+ people into the rooms. He gives a call-to-action at the end to get people to go to his Instagram (usually by giving away a free gift).

From Instagram to Facebook Groups

You can’t communicate privately on Clubhouse, so you have to send people to Twitter or Instagram to have a one-on-one conversation. His Instagram has exploded with new followers and DMs. Once there, his goal is to move them into his Facebook group. Now he has a community of six-figure entrepreneurs that he can connect with other people or offer them products and services.

It’s a high-level strategy of a Clubhouse funnel that leads to a Facebook group funnel that gets people highly interested in you. It’s one of many ways Henry helps clients convert people into paying clients.

But how do you build a community?

Henry believes the first and biggest thing you have to do is focus on relationships. He emphasizes, “They’re not a follower, they’re not a number, they’re not a dollar sign—they’re people. If you can create a strong connection with people first, you’re gonna build a strong community.”

Secondly, you have to focus on engagement. Henry brought someone in to audit his Facebook group and help with engagement. He told Henry he wasn’t doing bad—but could be doing better. He gave them some great insights. First, you have to engage by asking questions. Secondly, you have to show up consistently (it’s hard to revive a community once it’s gone dormant). Those two things are crucial.

Create a “He gets me” connection

You have to know your audience better than they know themselves. When you create a “He (or she) gets me” connection, your community is going to wait at the door for you. When Henry opens a Clubhouse room, he’ll immediately have 40+ people waiting for him to talk. People want access—especially if you drew them in with your experience, knowledge, and wisdom. Facebook groups and Clubhouse rooms are great touchpoints to create those experiences. That is what leads them down the funnel to buy from you.

If you’re trying to reach people outside of your target market, you’ll likely struggle. Why? Because you won’t have those deep moments of “She gets me.”

So how do you position yourself as that brand expert that everyone wants to hear from? And why is the customer journey so important to perfect? Listen to the whole episode to hear Henry tackle these questions!

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