How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence

How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence

Kayla Graham

You’ve put the work into creating a compelling LinkedIn profile—it stands out. As a result, you have a vast network with many followers and connections. So now what? Do you sit back, relax, and hope your profile does the work for you? Not quite.

You’ve got to keep active on the platform to develop your LinkedIn presence. Don’t let it get stagnant.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for positioning yourself as an industry leader. It’s also essential for communicating your brand to the world. So, everything on your profile or company page should contribute to your brand.

Here are some tips for maximizing your presence on LinkedIn.


  1. Contribute engaging content

Having a strong profile gets you noticed, there’s no doubt. But once you’ve made your connections, don’t become another connection to forget about. Prove you’re a trusted expert that influences your industry by sharing valuable content.

Six out of ten users actively look for industry insights on LinkedIn. So create content that educates and inspires members. It can set you apart as a thought leader.

Several types of content work well on LinkedIn. Try to focus on adding value to your industry and target clients.

  • Blog posts: posting your blog content on LinkedIn can help you build brand awareness and drive people to your website.
  • How-to and list-style posts: publishing this content directly to LinkedIn offers you visibility on the platform.
  • Quick tips: simple posts that contain industry tips and tricks get attention. They’re easy to read and provide useful information.
  • Visual content: images are a great way to show off your brand’s personality. And high-quality videos are an engaging way to display your expertise.


  1. Interact with people

Even though it’s geared toward professional networking, LinkedIn is still social media. Yes, having a strong profile gets you noticed and connected. But if you want results—and to stay fresh in people’s minds—you’ve got to interact with your connections. If the leaders in your industry (or your target clients) are posting on LinkedIn, join the conversation.

Build a rapport with connections by reading, commenting on, and sharing their content. Try scheduling some time for reading relevant content and engaging with your network. Sharing your connections’ material can also strengthen relationships.

Try sharing:

  • content from industry news sites, respected influencers, and blogs. It’s a great way to add to the content you create.
  • content your colleagues are producing. It helps you share quality content and promote their work.
  • your clients’ content. These connections have an interest in your business already. And some of them likely create engaging content.


  1. Post consistently

LinkedIn’s algorithm rewards high-quality content. So, if you consistently post the quality content that engages your audience, you will be seen by a larger audience. Posting regularly also keeps you on the top of people’s minds.

Experiment to find a posting time that engages your audience. What times get the most comments, reactions, and shares? Once you’ve found the best times, try posting at least two to (preferably) five times during the workweek.


  1. Ask for recommendations or testimonials

Take advantage of a great form of free marketing on LinkedIn: get your current or former colleagues and employers to recommend you. Detailed recommendations from past or current colleagues will showcase your strengths.

You can request specific recommendations by asking your connections what to focus on. When you “Request a Recommendation,” you have the option to leave a more detailed message with the request.

You can also include client testimonials if you have a career page. Ask previous clients if they could write a brief testimonial and then add it to the “What We Do” tab.


LinkedIn is excellent for creating connections and generating leads. But don’t stop there: it’s also an invaluable branding tool. Once you’ve gathered a decent following, stay active on the site to strengthen your presence.