How to Organize an Instagram Takeover

How to Organize an Instagram Takeover

Kayla Graham

Handing over your Instagram account might sound daunting—but it doesn’t have to be. Inviting someone else to take over your Instagram Story or feed can be exciting and stress-free. After all, for the time they take over your account, they’ll be creating your content.

Instagram takeovers increase brand awareness, entertain a broader audience, and provide new and inspiring content. If you’re thinking about contracting a takeover, follow these easy steps.


1. Set goals

Decide what you want to accomplish through your takeover. Do you want to promote a new product, event, or campaign? Whatever your intent, setting clearly defined goals is a necessary first step. And goals will guide your takeover strategy. For example, you could plan to:

  • Showcase exciting aspects of your brand or products
  • Educate your audience about a feature of your brand
  • Engage the local community


2. Select your guest

After outlining your goals, decide on a takeover host. Several types of guests are effective:

  • Influencers related to your industry can share their knowledge with your audience. And they get your brand in front of their followers. Using an influencer shows people that the influencer trusts your brand.
  • A colleague or employee can give an inside look at your business. They can explain your company culture as well as build on your brand story and image.
  • Community members, like brand ambassadors or customers, can also take over your account. It shows that you are community-minded and is a great way to engage people locally.

Before choosing your takeover host, check their audience engagement. You also want to make sure their followers align with your target audience. And review their posts and Stories: this will help you get a feel for their voice and how it fits with your brand.


3. Establish some guidelines

Discussing your expectations with your guest will help prepare for a successful takeover. Even though you want to have some structure, make sure to leave room for your takeover host to express themselves creatively and authentically.

  • Choose a type of takeover. Will your guest post content to your feed? Will they go live? Or will they use Instagram Stories?
  • How long will your takeover last? Takeover lengths vary. So, decide on an ideal span. For example, feed takeovers tend to happen over a week. And the guest posts to your feed during this time. Stories takeovers usually occur over a day. And live takeovers would be for a shorter period, like an hour or less.
  • How many posts do you expect? If your takeover host is posting to your feed over the week, how often should they post?
  • What kind of content do you want? Do you want tips, opinions, product reviews, or behind the scenes views of your brand? The possibilities are many.
  • Will your guest be doing a full account takeover where you hand over full access to your account? Or will they do a semi-account takeover where your guest sends you the media to post on their behalf?

Have your guest fill out an Instagram takeover responsibility agreement. Here you can lay out some policies and expectations. For example, Penn State’s agreement highlights what hosts can and cannot share or post on their account.


4. Promote the takeover

Both you and your guest should post about the takeover beforehand to let your followers know when it is happening.

  • Choose a hashtag for your takeover.
  • Announce it on Instagram and promote it on other social channels.
  • Encourage employees and colleagues to share the news.

Building up anticipation will lead to more engagement during the time of the takeover.


5. Launch your takeover

The point of a takeover is to shake up your content and engage with more people. So, relax and have fun with it. Let your guest increase your brand exposure, entertain the audience, and provide fresh and exciting content.