Instagram Takeovers

Instagram Takeovers

Kayla Graham

Takeovers started as a fun way for brands and Instagrammers to collaborate. They have since evolved into a valuable marketing tool. Initially, brands allowed people to post photos to their feeds briefly. Now, stories and live videos have added fresh and exciting ways for businesses to get attention on products and campaigns. Takeovers can grow your following, build community, and drive sales.

What is an Instagram takeover?

During a takeover, a guest temporarily gains control over another account and shares content. Typically, the company finds skilled guests that interest their followers. Then, people get a look at a business from a fresh perspective. And the guests also get a chance to reach new audiences. Celebrities, influencers, experts, or team members can perform takeovers for a brand. Not only are they fun, but takeovers are an excellent way for brands to join forces with others—and cross-promote content. They create mutually valuable partnerships. 

For their Life in Calgary campaign, Calgary Economic Development invites influential locals to control their Instagram account. A new takeover host is featured every week: the National Music Centre, Glenbow Museum, and photographers have all been hosts. The takeovers create an equally beneficial relationship between Calgary Economic Development and local companies.

The rise of Instagram Stories has added new and exciting depths to takeovers—and are an excellent tool for brands. For instance, Fenty Family Takeovers feature influencers who take over Fenty Beauty’s Instagram Stories on “Fenty Fridays.” Fenty engages with diverse make-up artists who show tutorials for women of all color. The guests reflect the brand’s values and are well-informed about their products. Instead of one long event, stories allow a series of short takeovers with many beauty influencers. 

Tips for a successful takeover:

Promote your takeover. For example, use Instagram live to launch your guest and event. Direct message your viewers about the takeover—and your guest can do the same. Also, promote on your other social channels like Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to supply your guest with content to promote the event, too.

Deliver compelling content. Give viewers a unique experience. For instance, publisher Little, Brown and Company hosts Instagram takeovers by authors. It introduces readers to new writers and offers a peek into the life of a writer. During takeovers, authors share photos from their routines and daily hangouts. Writers get a chance to interact with followers (similar to a bookstore reading) and promote their new books. And Little, Brown and Company gets to introduce authors they are publishing. It’s a win-win.

Use Instagram’s capabilities. Use hashtags, location, filters, and handles to promote your takeover. For example, creating a hashtag for your event is a great way to promote it. 

Benefits of Instagram Takeovers:

  • They boost exposure and get you in front of new audiences. When done well, takeovers build brand awareness and increase profits. An effective guest helps a brand gain credibility with a new audience. 
  • They benefit both parties. In takeover campaigns, there’s a mutual exchange of value—both the guest host and the brand benefit. Collaborations don’t have to be between a brand and an influencer, either. One business can do a takeover for another. Or employees can take over the company account.
  • Takeovers are an event!  Instagram takeover events are a fantastic opportunity for brands to tell their story in a new way. So showcase original content, and have fun collaborating with others. Create branded hashtags specifically for your event. It’s an excellent way to promote your campaign and monitor who engages with it. 

The possibilities for promoting your business through takeovers are many. Make sure to host engaging guests with exciting content—and you’ll be able to grow your following and build your Instagram community.