IS Content Still King? Or Is Video Taking the Throne?

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IS Content Still King? Or Is Video Taking the Throne?

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Is content still king? Or is video about to take the throne? In a recent episode of the Content Callout podcast, Aaron Orendorff shares some mind-boggling content strategy. He also talks about the importance of embracing a visual medium.

He doesn’t think we’re at the point where video rules—yet. He believes we are in an in-between time where video may become the medium of choice. It will definitely continue to grow in popularity. So how do you take advantage of both worlds?

Embed video content in written content

Aaron suggests creating explainer type video content to embed within the written content. Why? If you have a video that lives on YouTube simultaneously with a web page, you can rank both organically and drive traffic to both. Google treats them as two different properties. It will increase time on page (which Google “says” is not used as a ranking factor).

He’s trying to train his team to anticipate a heavier reliance on video content. As of right now, words are still 70–80% of where everything ends up. Some people are word purists and some churn out video content.

But Aaron notes that the goal is to “Bring those two worlds together so they compliment each other. It just makes it a better experience for the visitor, the buyer, the shopper, to have those living in harmony.”

So you take video content and look at the existing demand in the market (keyword volume and CPC). Maybe take some of those long-tail keywords and create content around them to rank for.

The eCommerce Growth Equation

Aaron notes that you want to take the eCommerce growth equation into account when building content (video or otherwise). What is it? The eCommerce growth equation is:

Visitors x conversion rate x Lifetime value/average order value – your variable costs = profit

You have 4 variables in eCommerce. You have to pick one or multiples of those to move to be profitable. Everyone likes to talk about lifetime value—but Aaron points out that they want to talk about the cash multiplier:

“Because lifetime is too long to wait when you’re in eCommerce—and cashflow is king—you need to figure out these 30 to 60 to 90-day windows that we’re calling your cash multiplier. And if you can drive up your LTV 30% in the first 60 days and a hundred percent in the first year, you’ve got yourself a profitable business and product-market fit. But nobody’s looking for a cash multiplier.”

Taylor—Common Thread Collective’s CEO—created multiple videos on the idea of a cash multiplier. So Aaron’s job is to repurpose that and turn it into words that will rank for “lifetime value.” It’s about finding the balance between the words and video and meeting the people who are looking for those search terms.

What are some other content strategy ideas for B2B marketing? Aaron shares a plethora of strategies you can implement immediately in episode #8 of the Content Callout podcast. Check it out!

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