Meet Maggie

Meet Maggie

Kayla Graham

Here at Content Callout, we spend a lot of time telling you a variety of tips and tricks to make your content marketing and social media stand out. But we thought we’d take a second to introduce some of the team behind-the-scenes who keep everything running.

Meet our designer extraordinaire, Maggie Toth! Maggie is our graphic designer and has helped us create everything from slide decks to logos and cover art for podcasts and more. Her creativity and beautiful work always makes us smile, and in her free time, Maggie also has a t-shirt company called Thread for Filth!

Guilty pleasure – books, music, etc.
90’s music, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Friends

Who inspires you?
Stevie Nicks

What’s your favorite movie?
Practical Magic, Donnie Darko, Reality Bites

What’s your favorite local pub, wherever you are?
Rose & Crown

What’s your favorite travel destination?
Horseback riding on the beach in Noosa, Australia

What’s your favorite local coffee shop?
I love You Coffee Shop

What’s your favorite retail shop?
Peacock Boutique and Rite of Ritual

Favorite creative account on Instagram
@sandysharkeyphotography @graphicdesignblg

We’ll be doing a bunch of staff features this month. We’re looking forward to everyone getting to know the Content Callout team more!