Online Interview Tips—How to Prepare for an Online Interview

Online Interview Tips—How to Prepare for an Online Interview

Kayla Graham

2020 has been the year of virtual job interviews. And just like with traditional interviews, you want to get them right to land that role you’ve been coveting and make a great lasting impression. But many people are left wondering how to prepare for an online interview. Check out our top tips for online interviews, so you’re prepared and ready to land your next role.

Virtual Interview Tips: Preparation is key

There’s no doubt you’ve heard that preparation is vital before. This timeless advice can’t be emphasized enough. Yet many people still don’t prepare for a job interview. However, preparation is half the interview done. Research the company, person/s you are speaking to, and even go over your CV and other relevant work material.

Pick a Good Background

Pick a place in your home or elsewhere that is free from clutter, clean, and looks respectable. Ensure there’s no underwear, empty pizza boxes, or things lying around that you wouldn’t want others to see. You also want to ensure you have adequate lighting, so you’re clearly visible to the interviewer.

Get the Angle Right

Position your laptop, so you’re framed in the middle of the screen and are at eye level. Your face and the top half of your body should be clearly visible. To help get the angle right, prop your laptop up with a stand or a few books.

Keep Distractions at Bay

If you live with others, inform them of your interview, so they know not to walk in during your interview. Keep children and pets in other rooms. No one wants to see (or hear) your roommate, cat, or children in the background—it’s a major distraction. As well, don’t have background music on. If a distraction occurs outside of your control (baby crying, dog barking, etc.), just excuse yourself. Most people are understanding. Wearing headphones will help you reduce noise.

Test Equipment

Test your equipment the day before and then at least an hour before your interview. You’ll also want to clean your webcam’s lens, so it’s not foggy. Upon commencing the interview, it’s proper etiquette to ask your interviewer(s) if they can clearly see and hear you.

Dress the Part

Just because you’re not going to a physical location doesn’t mean you should be in your pajamas or put little effort into your appearance. Dressing the part is as much psychological as it is professional. By dressing up, it shows that you put in the effort and are professional.

Don’t Fidget

Though your interviewer can’t see you do it, psychologically, it can set you up to failure by making you nervous. Avoid fidgeting at all costs.

Sit Up Straight

Have good posture, sit up nice, and look straight and look at the camera. Maintaining eye contact throughout your interview shows you’re engaged.

Talk Slowly and Wait Your Turn

When you’re online, it can become easy to forget to slow down, listen carefully, and pause between your answers. But this is precisely what you must do. If you think you don’t have this under control, rehearse a few times and record yourself.

By implementing the above steps, you’ll ace your virtual job interview. For more great tips and information, Contact Content Callout, experts in all things content marketing.