3 Steps to Achieve Sales and Marketing Alignment with Darryl Praill, Ep #98

3 Steps to Achieve Sales and Marketing Alignment with Darryl Praill, Ep #98

Mark Raffan

Is sales and marketing alignment necessary? Should marketing own the SDR function? Why are most marketers afraid to be corporate evangelists? Darryl Praill—the CMO at Agorapulse, the industry’s leading social media management platform—has some strong opinions about this topic. Specifically, he firmly believes that sales and marketing must align. How do you achieve that? We dive into it all in this episode of The Content Callout.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:33] Darryl’s rapid-fire tips for marketers
  • [1:50] Sales and marketing alignment is more than a sound bite
  • [9:55] Should the SDR function be part of marketing?
  • [16:25] The problem is that messaging isn’t consistent
  • [18:31] Why are people afraid to be brand evangelists?
  • [26:10] The best way to connect with Darryl

Sales and marketing alignment is more than a sound bite

How do you get sales and marketing alignment?

You have to determine the root cause of the misalignment. It’s usually a fight for credit—unless things aren’t going well. The biggest issue is that most sales reps and marketers have no idea how revenue works. They think the company is kicking ass because of what they are each doing at an individual level.

Marketing: “I just brought you 500 leads! How could you not close them?”

Sales: “Your leads suck. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Marketers have never sold anything, so they don’t understand the anxiety a sales rep goes through. They don’t understand the monotony and frustration. Sales reps don’t have a clue about top-of-funnel and what it takes to get leads.

In every professional sport, everyone has a position. When you do your jobs together, you win as a team. You have to get sales and marketing to live in each other’s shoes and understand the role each side plays on the team. They need to recognize that without their teammates, they’re screwed.

So we’re back to the question: How do you get sales and marketing alignment?

Step #1: Get them to live in each other’s shoes

Darryl loves making sales and marketing swap jobs for a week. He’ll put marketing on the phones, emails, and LinkedIn/social selling. Sales will learn how to create a landing page, write an email, or create a campaign in Salesforce. When they do that, their eyes are usually opened wide.

Step #2: Create a service-level agreement (SLA)

What’s next? You need to get the two leaders working together by creating a service-level agreement. What are the rules of engagement? The heads of marketing and sales need to work with an arbiter.

How many leads do sales expect from marketing? They can state that they expect leads to be qualified with specific clean data. So you lay out how often they need that amount of leads. You need certain numbers in ICPs and personas.

Marketing can dictate that if they comply, sales must follow up on every lead within an hour and make 9–12 attempts to get ahold of them. You can go multi-channel to connect with someone.

The board needs an ROI for the millions of dollars they’ve spent on marketing. So sales need to do as much as possible to connect with those leads and close them. When the sales team learns new objections, lines that are working, or information about competitors, they need to feed it back to marketing.

Step #3: Agree on a shared dashboard

That’s the best starting point. But they also need to agree on a dashboard that measures everything. So when sales say they missed their numbers because the leads suck, you can go to that dashboard and say they missed their numbers because it took them over a week to connect with leads and averaged 2.5 attempts. Everyone has to own their end of the deal. Everyone needs to see the numbers. When there’s disagreement, the referee comes in and points out who broke the rules.

Should the SDR function be part of marketing? Why are marketers and salespeople afraid of being brand evangelists? Listen to the whole episode to hear Darryl’s take.

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