All B2B’s Need a Space for Their Owned Audience [Vanessa Hartung] Ep #90

All B2B’s Need a Space for Their Owned Audience [Vanessa Hartung] Ep #90

Mark Raffan

Why do you need an owned audience? Why do you need a dedicated space to engage with that audience? Vanessa Hartung shares that it’s time to ditch the “IKEA experience” and stop leading your audience on bunny trails. Give them what they want in a centralized place owned by your brand. How do you do that? Listen to this episode of The Content Callout for the details.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:48] Three rapid-fire actionable tips
  • [2:27] Ditch the IKEA experience
  • [4:32] How to build your owned audience base
  • [7:34] Why you need diversity of perspectives
  • [11:34] Ensure authenticity by knowing your product
  • [16:23] Make content interactive and engaging
  • [17:10] The application of Web 3.0 in B2B
  • [20:43] How to connect with Vanessa Hartung

Ditch the IKEA experience

It’s getting harder for people to find the content they’re looking for. It’s also difficult to create a place for centralized content to exist that isn’t just a blog or a resource center. You want to bring all of your content together and make it easier for your audience to consume it—and enjoy the experience.

It’s time to get rid of the IKEA experience of “Here’s the path I’ve created. Follow along.” It doesn’t work for buyers anymore.

People don’t want to spend all of their time visiting multiple properties to get the one answer they’re looking for. That’s why you need to centralize information. It fosters a community experience where everyone shares similar problems and opportunities. As the person hosting the community, you get the privilege of building trust. A relationship built on trust has a direct correlation to revenue.

It’s time to build an owned audience

LinkedIn owns LinkedIn. They’re in it for themselves. Vanessa notes that “As much as we’re able to connect with people and build relationships and share content, it’s a platform.” Larger platforms aren’t the be-all-end-all of every experience on the web. People are looking for their own spaces. Make it so they aren’t stuck engaging with your brand on other people’s platforms.

Creating a space that you own helps establish your brand. You are the place and person to come to for specific insights—not LinkedIn or other platforms. Show them your company, how you help people, and how you talk to people. Bring everything back to your branded and owned experience.

Why you need diversity of perspectives on your team

Vanessa emphasizes that marketers need to leave their comfort zone and recognize that they NEED people on their team who have different perspectives and insights. You want to create content that will resonate with the entire buying team—not just an individual persona.

The pandemic has eliminated many barriers allowing businesses to expand globally. You need to build a team that reflects everyone that you’re communicating with. It helps ensure that you’re capturing the right sentiment. Every country and region has different idiosyncrasies. One area may only want the facts in an email. Others may prefer a long-form approach that’s more of an experience. Knowing those idiosyncrasies about your audience will help you engage with them on a deeper level.

A diverse team helps you uncover blind spots and can point out things that you’ve missed. It can help you avoid publishing things that should never have seen the light of day. You can dramatically reduce the potential for damage with the right team.

Web 3.0 will impact the marketing game

Vanessa believes that we’ll see a significant increase in the number of devices people will use to connect. Technology is morphing. You have to keep up so that the content you’re creating will render in different ways. Leadership needs to be in tune with the way people are engaging online. Being adaptable is more important than ever. If you can’t adapt quickly, will your competitors eat you alive?

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