How to Build a Stellar B2B Content Strategy with Aaron Orendorff, Ep #8

How to Build a Stellar B2B Content Strategy with Aaron Orendorff, Ep #8

Mark Raffan

What is the difference between just creating content and creating direct response funnels? How should you build out a B2B content strategy? How does keyword cannibalism come into play? You need to create an environment for SEO to flourish paired with powerful content. How do you do that? In this episode of The Content Callout, Aaron Orendorff—The VP of Marketing at Common Thread Collective—shares a simple and effective way to immediately boost your rankings, build better content, and keep your brand relevant.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:31] 3 ways to instantly change your results
  • [5:24] They KEY to Aaron’s popularity
  • [9:12] Creating content OR direct response funnels
  • [15:13] What in the world is offloading aggressively?
  • [19:51] How to know when Upwork is working
  • [21:36] Keyword cannibalism: the full discussion
  • [27:06] The intersection of “Content is King” and Video
  • [31:57] How to connect with Aaron Orendorff

Boost your rankings with an SEO audit

Aaron shares a simple way you can boost your search results and get more of your top-notch content ranking on page #1 of Google: eliminate keyword cannibalization. What’s the simplest way to do that? A quick Google search can be eye-opening. Simply do this site command:

  • Site:Website Keyword i.e. Site: Aaron Orendorff

You’ll see ALL of the pages that use the keyword(s) or keyphrase that you were searching for. If you’re getting numerous results for your top keywords and none of those pages are actually ranking—it’s time to consolidate. Choose ONE page that will house the content for that particular keyword, and redirect all of the others to that page (or just delete them).

Aaron talks about the importance of this in detail—don’t miss it.

Implement a Call-To-Action immediately

Another strategy that Aaron highly recommends is to look at your top ten most trafficked pages on your site then add a contextually relevant CTA in pop-up and in-line form. You can take your top 5–10 pages, put them on a PDF, and put a gate in front of them for your email opt-in. It is one of THE best ways to convert cold traffic and build your email list.

Secondly, Aaron says to add an offer—a single, enticing, above-all glaringly clear offer—to any sales and marketing pages you have on your website. If you do not have deliverables, timeline, or cost listed on the site you are missing out. Those greatly impact conversion rates.

The difference between creating content and creating direct response funnels

Aaron grew up in the online marketing world and got into Shopify Plus in the early days. He quickly learned that content has to do something. Content is becoming more and more metrics-driven. It has to initiate a sales conversation. At Shopify Plus there was no opt-in. You HAD to talk to a salesperson.

Now that Aaron is the VP of marketing at Common Thread Collective, he and the head of sales are THE revenue generation machine. If the things they create don’t work, the whole system breaks down. They need to rank and drive traffic to content, then they need an opt-in to build the email list. Then there needs to be a nurture sequence.

When they’re creating content they’re not just going to drop a blog post, or a guide, or a landing page. They’ve got to think through the entire process. How do we drive traffic on the paid fronts? What assets do we need? On the back end, how do we automate quick responses to the sales team? What nurture sequence should they get? You need a whole funnel—not just a page.

The power of expectation and clarity

Aaron’s biggest aha moment was an agency that was direct to consumer eCommerce. They cobbled together some campaigns, created some landing pages, videos, etc. and found middling success.

But the second they released the page that was selling creative packages, with an insanely clear package offering—this is what it costs, this is what you get, this is how fast you’ll get it— and pushed paid traffic to it:

“It blew my mind that you can run profitable ads with freaking Instagram stories. That was one of our most successful placements, Instagram stories for B2B selling multi-thousand dollar price point packages.”

He learned that you can run profitable Facebook and Instagram ads AND that there’s something magical about that expectation and offer paired with clarity and urgency. He had spent years building landing pages with no clear “Here’s why you have to click here now and this is what happens next.” From there on out, everything changed.

What are Aaron’s thoughts on outsourcing or as he likes to call it—offloading aggressively? Is video going to play more of a role than the written word? What is the eCommerce growth equation that is the key to B2B success? Listen to the whole episode to find out!

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