Building a B2B Marketing Foundation with Fractional CMO Mark Evans, Ep #95

Building a B2B Marketing Foundation with Fractional CMO Mark Evans, Ep #95

Kayla Graham

Mark Evans is a Fractional CMO for B2B SaaS companies. He helps companies assess their business, identify opportunities and gaps, and create a solid B2B marketing foundation, so the business is marketing to the right people in the right channels at the right time.

He starts by determining where your company fits in the competitive landscape. Then he helps you decide where to position yourself to share what you do, who you serve, why it matters, and how you’re unique in the marketplace. He’ll help you decide where to tell your story, how to tell it, and how to build content so you can tell your story where it matters.

In this episode of The Content Callout, Mark explains how he helps B2B brands build a solid marketing foundation as a Fractional CMO. Don’t miss it!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:25] What is a fractional CMO?
  • [3:23] Marks 3 rapid-fire marketing tips
  • [4:53] Talk to your customers regularly
  • [9:48] Why you should only use a few marketing channels
  • [13:57] How to choose the right marketing channels
  • [17:17] Mark’s 4 C’s of LinkedIn
  • [19:29] A conversation about the LinkedIn algorithm
  • [22:28] Mark’s preferred content creation strategy
  • [26:36] Bonus tip: You need to start a podcast
  • [28:13] How companies can leverage content-driven marketing
  • [31:35] Where you should start building your marketing foundation
  • [34:28] The #1 thing marketers are doing that’s preventing success
  • [35:47] How to connect with Mark Evans

B2B Marketing 101: Talk to your customers regularly

Marketers do everything to attract, engage, and win customers—and then promptly forget about them. According to Fractional CMO Mark Evans, continuing conversations with customers should be marketing and sales 101. They use your product or service every day. Why not get their insight?

Customers will tell you things—good and bad—that you otherwise wouldn’t have known. Customers will tell you how they learned about your product and how they’re using it. They can help you refine your product and make it better, so it’s imperative you talk to them throughout their lifecycle.

And don’t just talk to your happy customers. Talk to those who are new or call the help desk regularly. You need to engage with the people who have a problem. You can turn an unhappy customer into a happy customer if you listen and help them solve those problems. Secondly, your marketing might need to change to reflect their needs and interests. Because if there’s a gap, you’re in trouble.

Many companies don’t want to bug their customers or ask for their help, which can create a divide between companies and their customers. So what do you do? Mark shares some ideas, so keep reading.

Only use a small number of marketing channels

Many companies want to be everywhere. They produce content, post on every social media platform, run webinars and conferences, and more. They think if they spread themselves wide enough, they’ll hit their targets. The reality is that what you end up doing is mediocre marketing. So what can you do?

You’re allowed to start small. Start with 1–3 channels and ace them. Follow best practices to get the results you want. Then, as you’re building your marketing team, expand your footprint and create another channel. Avoid the temptation to be all things to all people. How do you explain this concept to a client? Listen to hear Mark’s thoughts!

Building a B2B Marketing Foundation

Quick wins are a fantastic way to get your client on board. So when Mark onboards a new client, he will immediately do a website audit. Most are so poorly structured that Mark can instantly create a list of 10 things to fix. It shows that you’re being proactive.

Secondly, Mark asks his clients what their biggest pain point is. What keeps them awake at night? What can he fix for them immediately? Their pain point may be as simple as needing a website redone or building a better sales deck. Mark fixes those pain points immediately, then works to create a long-term B2B marketing foundation Why? Because marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Success happens as you build awareness and drive engagement.

How do B2B companies leverage content-driven marketing? What is Mark’s preferred content creation strategy? And how does Mark recommend you distribute your content? Listen to the whole conversation with Mark to learn more.

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