Celebrating Episode 100 of The Content Callout, Ep #100

Celebrating Episode 100 of The Content Callout, Ep #100

Kayla Graham

With The Content Callout, we seek to educate and entertain marketing professionals with innovative advice about content marketing. We want you to get the information you need from the experts. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. In this special edition of The Content Callout, we will reflect on some of our favorite episodes. You’ll get an inside look at behind-the-scenes flops and our favorite moments. You’ll even hear a fun conversation about social media and brand evangelism.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:00] Celebrating 100 episodes of The Content Callout
  • [2:13] Reminiscing on our first live event
  • [4:02] Our favorite rapid-fire tips from 100 episodes
  • [8:46] A conversation on social media
  • [12:02] Impactful episodes and moments
  • [15:52] Why you need brand evangelists

Reminiscing on our first live event

Our first panel event had a few small hiccups. The moment we logged on, Mark’s internet went down. I was in a room full of attendees and panelists and no one knew where Mark was. After the snafu, things went smoothly—until a panelist left halfway through, and someone randomly appeared to replace her. He was fantastic, however, and made a lot of great contributions to the conversation.

There have been a lot of lessons, but we’ve become better interviewers, better podcasters, and certainly more entertaining because of them. Plus, we’ve refined and tightened up our process. I learned that when your internet drops, you can lose your Zoom recording. So always name a co-host. Save the content!

Impactful episodes and moments

SkipTheDishes has become massive since our episode with founder Jeff Adamson. In episode #25, Jeff talks about building infrastructure in smaller cities so people won’t move away for better opportunities. Why not create those places locally? That’s why Jeff started SkipTheDishes in the Prairies, and the offices will always be in the Prairies.

We also spoke with Dani Hao in episode #78 about using influencers in the B2B space. If you’re going to ramp up your social efforts, brand influencers—evangelists, thought leaders, whatever you’d like to call them—are key. Who can you bring on as an influencer to grow your business? They should carry a following and be experts at what they do. They should also speak intelligently about the discipline they operate in. Find someone who has clout and hire them.

Sarah Scudder is the perfect example. She’s active on LinkedIn and an influencer in her space. She leveraged that to become the CMO at SourceDay, where she’s killing it. Sarah’s passionate about what she does and lives and breathes marketing. And her network is something to behold. That’s because she’s authentic, and people want to trust her.

In this episode, we also share our favorite rapid-fire tips from the last 100 episodes and have a thought-provoking and hilarious discussion about the state of social media. Don’t miss it!

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