Christoph Trappe Shares How to Kickstart Your Content Journey, Ep #67

Christoph Trappe Shares How to Kickstart Your Content Journey, Ep #67

Mark Raffan

Christoph Trappe is a brilliant content marketer at the top of his game. He recently published a great book called “Content Performance Culture,” which I love. In this episode of The Content Callout, we talk about the power of voice, podcasting, video, and how brands can take advantage of content and make a bigger impact than they are right now. Find out how to kickstart your content journey.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:16] The biggest mistakes marketing professionals make with content
  • [4:10] Where to start on your content journey
  • [10:18] Is the podcast market becoming oversaturated?
  • [13:47] What traits make for a good podcast host?
  • [20:38] How AI impacts search results and content
  • [24:15] Define your audience and what makes you unique
  • [26:23] How to connect with Christoph and get his book

The biggest mistakes marketing professionals make with content

Christoph believes that the biggest problem is that people think content should be an overnight success, but it takes time. You can accelerate how it performs with rockstar campaigns and a good mailing list. But at the end of the day, it’s a competitive space. Everyone is throwing out content or sharing a podcast.

Many companies get hung up in “approval hell,” waiting for content to get approved before it can go live. But you need to get stuff out the door. With Christoph’s Business Storytelling podcast, he live streams many of his episodes. Why? It goes to Twitter, Twitch, Periscope, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

His guests are prepared with the expectation that they’re recorded live and can’t be edited. Everything they say goes. By doing this, Christoph completely removed the approval process from the picture. Then he takes the podcast and pushes it out on 19 podcast channels. And then, he takes the content and writes an article, which gives it a chance to rank organically on Google. After all of that, he pushes that to different channels. Content is a marathon.

Start your content journey by just starting

You have to walk before you run, right? It’s the same with content. You won’t become a good podcaster if you never talk on camera. You don’t have to over-prepare, and you can figure out the tech as you go and roll with it.

And you learn how to write by writing. Then you have to publish it. Christoph points out that if you have the option, a good editor is vital. The caveat is that he believes that editing for preference is a big waste of money and time. You need to edit for impact. Create something that people read because it solves their problems. Practice for the marathon by creating content and putting it in front of people.

Christoph learned how to be a live show producer, director, moderator, and host simultaneously. It was overload. But he wouldn’t have learned it without doing it. He admits that the first few times were terrible. You have to be okay not being perfect. Get out there, look the part, talk about what you know, and move forward. Results will take time. You will screw it up and make mistakes. It’s part of the learning process.

How AI impacts search results and content

Christoph believes that voice search will become more important—and that it also has a long way to go. When he gives a command to Siri, there are still so many misunderstandings. He asked her to call his daughter, and Siri goes, “Just a moment.” What could Siri possibly be doing? She gave him some attitude.

Optimizing content for voice results is no different than any other content strategy. You still have to create content for what people are searching for. If you pick the wrong keywords, you can rework them with new keywords. Christoph is now targeting “Podcast SEO” with a reworked post, which has about 400 monthly searches. If someone searches for that, he has a shot at showing up. The key is to look for opportunities and pay attention.

You have to remember that the results you get will be different on every platform. It depends on the device you’re on and what the search is. Christoph was trying to be funny and asked Siri to share the name of the top content marketer, and she couldn’t give him a name! Instead, her results were some articles she thought fit for his query. Alexa might pick something different.

Define your audience and what makes you unique

When it comes to content, you have to make sure you know who you’re trying to reach and what’s unique about you. Get the right team members in place and make a plan for who does what. Move forward, try things, and get things in front of people. Search is frustrating when you look at the numbers because things move slowly. The truth is that there is no magic bullet when it comes to content. You have to push forward and try things to see what works and what doesn’t.

In this episode, Christoph also goes in-depth into how you can develop a content strategy that starts with a podcast. Don’t miss it!

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