Content Marketing for Private Equity Firms with Jack Vawdrey, Ep #94

Content Marketing for Private Equity Firms with Jack Vawdrey, Ep #94

Mark Raffan

In his first internship as a content writer for a VC-based SaaS company, Jack Vawdrey fell in love with the craft. Jack now works as the Director of Content Marketing at Vista Point Advisors and as an independent consultant for private equity investors. He helps his clients use content to differentiate their firms. But how should content be different in the private equity firms and venture capitalist space? Jack shares some solid tips in this episode of The Content Callout.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:06] Jack’s three rapid-fire actionable tips
  • [2:18] Automate to remove excess tasks from your plate
  • [3:43] How is content marketing for private equity firms different?
  • [5:43] Balancing promotion versus production
  • [8:42] Jack’s favorite promotion tactics
  • [12:50] Using content throughout the customer journey
  • [17:01] How to connect with Jack Vawdrey

How should content marketing for private equity firms be different?

Jack points out that content should be related to the stage and the lifecycle of the private equity firm’s “prospect.” These investors are trying to place money in companies. Content marketing in the investment world is complicated because the process is complicated. Investors want to know what the process looks like. So you need to focus on the questions they want answered, which can include topics like:

  • What does the relationship look like?
  • Why should they take the private equity route versus venture capital?
  • Why shouldn’t they just get a loan?

Marketing in the private equity world is still young. The whole goal of the content should be to educate prospective portfolio companies about what the process looks like. It’s also a long-term strategy. It might take 5–10 years for a business owner to say, “Yes. Let’s do this.” So you want to put content in front of these people for as long as possible—until the time is right. If you’re educating them, you’ll be top-of-mind when they’re ready.

Content marketing for private equity firms: Balance production and promotion

The SEO world perpetuates the idea that content promotes itself. And to some extent, this is true. When you create content, Google helps people find it. But it requires a lot of work and results don’t happen overnight. That’s why you need to promote your content. But if you don’t plan for promotion, it doesn’t happen.

Many private equity firms have great content. The problem is that the first topics they cover are the best. They’re the core messages that hit the closest to home and resonate with people. But if they are overly focused on production, they’ll spiral out from those core topics. The content that they’re producing becomes more and more irrelevant.

That’s why Jack emphasizes that you have to set a boundary. Once you get to a certain point in production, you need to focus on promotion. You need to share the messages that are the staple of your brand. If you share something over and over again, only a small percentage of your audience sees the message at a time.

Jack shared that “If you’re only sharing that really impactful message one or two times in a five-year period, then your most impactful messages are getting diluted by everything else you’re producing.”

Where should private equity firms focus their content?

Jack emphasizes that people are at the highest point of consideration at the bottom of the funnel. Create content for the investors who are ready to get started. A percentage of improvement at the bottom of the funnel versus gain at the top makes a world of difference.

Bottom-of-funnel content could include webinars, ebooks, or documents where you compare and contrast options. What if you build a pillar page and make topic clusters around it? You can create loads of value by linking internally and sending the reader down rabbit holes throughout your content.

Webinars and ebooks shouldn’t be for top-of-funnel content—you’ll see better results with a skimmable blog post or short video that addresses the challenge. However, if someone is just discovering private equity and investments, educational ebooks might be an interesting approach.

What promotional channel should you use for bottom-of-funnel content? What paid and organic promotional tactics should you employ? Listen to the whole episode to learn more!

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