Embracing Data-Driven Marketing with Andrea Kayal, Ep #3

Embracing Data-Driven Marketing with Andrea Kayal, Ep #3

Mark Raffan

Do you understand the importance of data-driven marketing? Do you have a surefire way to track leads to see where they originated? Do you know how to motivate your team with OKRs? Andrea Kayal—the Chief Marketing Officer at Electric—joins this episode of The Content Callout to share her marketing tactics. On top of all of the marketing genius that she shares, Andrea also lays out how she uses the concept of Radical Candor to bring out the best in her team. Don’t miss this tactical episode!

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • [2:21] Bizible: A technology Andrea can’t live without
  • [4:44] Tracking marketing leads: both fascinating and difficult
  • [6:26] Why do you need to know where your leads originated?
  • [8:47] WHY Electric is exploding in the IT space
  • [11:28] Measure marketing and sales forecasts separately
  • [12:34] Why testing is SO important in marketing
  • [14:10] The importance of ‘Objectives and Key Results’ (OKRs)
  • [17:15] Why Andrea embraces the ‘Radical Candor’ philosophy
  • [19:46] How to deal with Wallflowers and challengers
  • [21:14] Create goals with Radical Candor as the backstop
  • [22:38] How to connect with Andrea Kayal

Tracking marketing leads is fascinating—and difficult

Andrea believes the easiest way to track a marketing qualified lead back to an original piece of content that someone interacted with is by using Bizible. Every time Andrea’s team sends out an email marketing campaign, they track it using Bizible. It allows them to see whether or not the email was the last touch before a customer converted into an opportunity.

At Electric, Andrea has tracking limited to a 45-day window of time. So if a sales rep has not touched the lead in 45 days, then marketing is given the credit for originating that lead. Andrea notes that if they find a lead that comes inbound to the website—but a rep has been touching it in under 45 days—marketing cannot take credit for that as originated by them, even though it came in through the website.

Why it’s important to KNOW where your leads originated

Andrea emphasizes that without good marketing ops it’s challenging to know what works and what doesn’t. Andrea takes a conservative view of attribution reporting by just looking at first-touch. She notes there are plenty of other ways in which you can attribute pipeline traffic or bookings back to things you’re doing: there’s organic search (and content), there’s paid search, there’s PR, there’s affiliate marketing—there’s probably a dozen channels that you can think to drive money into the business.

But which of those originated the lead? Andrea share’s a hypothetical: let’s say we drove a lead in through Inside.com. Someone saw their ad and came in as a new lead. Andrea hopes that through the other things they do to nurture a lead, that over time they become more invested in Electric. But what Andrea REALLY cares about is what lead they invested in that drove them to Electric. That’s why attribution reporting is so important. With Bizible, you can toggle and see all of the ways a lead can touch your business.

Origination can also drive the way a lead is nurtured. Keep listening to hear Andrea’s thoughts on the topic.

Why Electric is exploding in the IT space

Outsourced IT support isn’t a new concept—certainly one where explosive growth isn’t expected—so how is Electric doing so well? Andrea points out that IT support is a known problem that businesses need to solve. Electric solves it differently—and does it for half the cost. They have an innovative way of showing IT managers how borked—or not borked—their IT environment is by deploying sets of standard policies and procedures.

Andrea emphasizes that you need to join painkillers. You need to join companies that are solving a problem that is very painful for the buyer—and Electric is one of those companies. You don’t want to be vitamins. Andrea states: “I’ve worked at vitamins. Vitamins are hard because you not only have to tell people that this is a problem, you also need to be like, ‘Oh, and this is a solution for us.’” It’s far harder to sell someone on your solution when they weren’t aware there was a problem.

So she emphasizes that you must vet the product market before you join a company: “The best sales and marketing teams on the planet can’t do anything about a crappy product that nobody wants.” People know IT support is a problem. So Andrea can easily say, “Solve it this way, it’s cheaper.”

Why marketing and sales forecasts need to be measured separately

Every month Andrea’s team looks at where they’re aiming investments and forecasting how many leads originated with marketing. She emphasizes that you have to know which channels are working and have the analytics to show it. You also have to know the differences between marketing originated and influenced. Was marketing the reason this person found us? Or are you doing other things to help the sales organization?

The way that marketing generates demand is different than the way sales generate demand. In sales, you make cold calls, send emails, and make social sales. If you’re going to set two meetings a day, one’s going to go to pipeline and one’s going to close in the month. It’s a math problem where you have to find creative ways of breaking in. With marketing, you’re testing a host of different influences. Andrea spends 50% of their budget testing things, and the other 50% on known meeting producers.

Why are OKRs and KPIs so important? How does Andrea use “Radical Candor” with her marketing team? How can setting goals positively impact your team? Listen to the whole episode of The Content Callout for Andrea’s unique take on marketing.

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