David Meltzer’s Stage Theory: Capture + Modify + Amplify + Perpetuate, Ep #14

David Meltzer’s Stage Theory: Capture + Modify + Amplify + Perpetuate, Ep #14

Mark Raffan

What is stage theory? How do you capture, modify, amplify, and perpetuate your content and your message? David Meltzer lays out the key to his success in this episode of the Content Callout podcast. He shares his stage theory, an equation that helps you master your calendar, and how to be a “Ferocious Buddha.” Don’t miss an episode packed with valuable information.

David Meltzer is the co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and the former CEO of the Lee Steinberg Sports and Entertainment Agency (the agency that was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire). He is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, business coach, podcast host, and much more. His life mission is to empower over 1 billion people to be happy.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:41] Rapidfire Actionable marketing tactics
  • [2:14] David’s Free Training Friday’s
  • [3:09] Put out a sh*tload of content
  • [7:13] Capture + modify + amplify + perpetuate
  • [11:36] Be a student of your calendar
  • [16:18] Ask and you shall receive
  • [18:53] How to be a ferocious Buddha
  • [23:47] Learn more about David Meltzer

Happiness is the cure-all

David firmly believes that happiness is the cure-all that strengthens us emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, and financially. It’s the most viral of all viruses. It can even strengthen your immune system. He trains people on how to make more money, help more people, and have fun. His goal is to create a collective consciousness of happiness.

Too much volume? No such thing.

How much volume is too much volume? How do you decide between quality and quantity? Is there a distinction? David loves breaking things down pragmatically. He points out that most people don’t understand how big the market is. It’s YOUR content. If you’re an expert at getting rid of toenail fungus, put out as much content as you can all day every day. You have to be smart about it and create a perpetual strategy to accelerate, grow, and monetize your content.

Here’s why David believes most people won’t succeed: they quit. To be successful, you have to put a sh*tload of you out there. He points out that the people who already love you, like you, or don’t like you and will get sick of you. They’ll tell you to stop. So you do. You stop putting out content because you’re embarrassed. That’s when you become ordinary instead of being extraordinary.

David’s advice? “Unsubscribe to people who like you, love you, already like you, already love you… you can always re-subscribe those people after you put out enough content to even annoy your mom.”

Dr. Pimple Popper found a way to get her content on YouTube—and now she has her own show. She was probably laughed at and scoffed at. People likely didn’t get it. This is a dermatologist that has clients that love her and a community that loves her. She probably makes a lot of money. But imagine what her family and friends thought at first?

David shares, “Manage their expectations, unsubscribe, or don’t care. But you gotta get past the people who love you, like you, and don’t like you.”

David Meltzer’s Stage Theory: Capture + Modify + Amplify + Perpetuate

David points out that he can’t take credit for stage theory. Shakespeare—THE true king of content—brought life to the theory when he wrote “The world is your stage.” David’s content is unashamedly himself. Everyone has their extraordinary ability. With 4.4 billion people—and growing—on the internet, he points out that you have a spectrum. You have reach. Before the internet, you had access to your town or county and that was it.

David says to determine, what’s the best part of yourself to capture? After you capture that, how do you modify it to fit into all of the different platforms? You don’t look the same on LinkedIn as you do on TikTok. You speak differently in email than you do via text, in person, on the radio, on the stage, etc. You modify what you capture from blogs to Twitter feeds to YouTube videos.

You have to have a marketing strategy for each of those platforms to amplify your message. All of them need their own amplification strategy.

One of the benefits of getting old is that David knows traditional marketing inside and out. What does he know that’s different from young people? He knows the perpetual nature and value of content.

David has a garage full of vintage basketball, football, and baseball cards. They have increased in value since he was a kid. A Dr. J card is worth so much money today. That’s why you must perpetuate your content. David strongly believes that 20 years from now, the Dave Meltzer game is gonna be hot. They’ll remember how he planted the seed. Kids will go back and watch your stuff someday, too.

What is Dave’s calendar management equation? What is David’s concept of the ferocious Buddha? What does he believe about the phrase “Ask and you shall receive?” Listen to the whole episode to learn more!

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