Digital Transformation Begins with Enhancing the Buyer’s Journey [Brad Williamson] Ep #58

Digital Transformation Begins with Enhancing the Buyer’s Journey [Brad Williamson] Ep #58

Kayla Graham

Brad Williamson—the Lead Strategist at Catch Digital—works with businesses to kickstart their digital transformation. But before he can walk them through the process to transform their business, they go through an in-depth auditing process. His strategy is comprehensive, focusing on both analytics and a human-centric approach. Learn more about his process in this episode of The Content Callout!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:49] Catch Digital’s auditing process
  • [8:24] Human-centric engagement
  • [16:42] How to find the right tools
  • [19:34] 5 Steps to Kickstart Digital Marketing
  • [44:35] How to connect with Brad Williamson

The Catch Digital auditing process

Catch Digital has a standard auditing process where they dive into people’s ads accounts and Google analytics to check and see if they’ve got conversion tracking properly set up. They also look at the methodology behind their Facebook ads. Secondly, do they have a CRM? Is it connected to leads that come from forms on their website? What do the ratios look like across the buyer’s journey?

The auditing process can provide them some details that show where there may have been a lapse in a business’s work. Many agencies train their clients to focus on clicks and traffic but ignore revenue. Catch Digital stands for transparency. They provide full access to every account, and the client owns their own channels. They provide their clients with a tangible ROI. They do data tracking, set up marketing automation, and break down how to turn a true lead into a sale. They help their clients craft their messaging at each stage in the process.

Nailing down the definition of a lead

Many businesses call too many things “leads.” It’s where their problem starts. A lead is a contact you can sell to. They also don’t know the difference between a marketing qualified lead (MQL) or a sales qualified lead (SQL). An MQL could be someone that signed up for an email list who is open to receiving communication.

An SQL is someone deep in the buyer’s journey with purchase intent. Many digital agencies call a website click a lead, which leads to business owners feeling jaded about the digital marketing industry as a whole. If you can’t prove your ROI, it makes it hard for businesses to justify spending $2,000+ a month on your services.

The importance of human-centric engagement

Brad believes that everyone’s lens is always focusing back on the user. When it’s focused on the user, it becomes about the user experience. People focus on bounce rates, time on site, pages per session, etc. This indicates to Google that the site is useful for the term that was clicked on. But if you’re not serving interesting content or something that resonates, how do you keep them on the site? How do you lower the bounce rate?

Use the right tools to enhance the buyer’s journey

Many tools can help you enhance human-centric engagement. Brad recently came across VideoAsk by Typeform. VideoAsk takes the concept of a chatbot and makes it super cool. The “chatbot” is an actual person you can engage with through video, voice memo, or text. It allows you to connect with potential customers face-to-face.

If you want to show a tour of a car, you can share a selfie-style video with users. If you’re deep in the buyer journey, this is the perfect in-between step to capture the lead. You can give them that personal tour of the car before the last step of getting them physically in it. Tools like this will push people over the edge.

It’s about applying the right tool to the right stage of the buyer journey and trying to get them to convert. It’s also one of the most difficult things for businesses to scale. A tool like this can help build a relationship at scale that makes more sense than live chat support.

What about Brad’s “5 Steps to Kickstart Digital Marketing?” Listen to the whole episode of Content Callout to hear what his in-depth process looks like!

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