Empathy-Focused Content Marketing with Corrina Owens, Ep #52

Empathy-Focused Content Marketing with Corrina Owens, Ep #52

Mark Raffan

Corrina Owens is the Director of Marketing at Profisee. She has spent 10+ years of her career leading content generation across multiple media platforms for premium brands in entrepreneurial settings. On top of that, she volunteers her free time to the Partnership Against Domestic Violence, one of the largest non-profit organizations in Georgia. In this episode of The Content Callout, we talk about how the COVID Pandemic pushed marketers to be more empathetic in their outreach. Hopefully, this “trend” of empathy won’t fade anytime soon. We also talk about what it takes to attract and retain your ideal clients. Don’t miss it!

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:30] Changing the way you market
  • [8:46] How to retain your perfect client
  • [11:35] Why their results have been better
  • [14:13] The difference between “customer experience” and “customer service”
  • [16:01] How to measure customer experience through their life cycle
  • [19:00] Where you can develop thought-leader status
  • [20:47] How to connect with Corrina Owens

How can your content be more empathetic?

The pandemic forced marketers to embrace something that was always a passion for Corrina—empathy. She thinks it’s easy in B2B to forget that you’re marketing to human beings. When the pandemic hit, sales teams had everything taken away from them. They had to find new ways to stay relevant and top-of-mind. Marketing was able to come in and help them achieve that by crafting their messaging.

Corrina saw that her inbox was overflowing with people selling to her. She wanted to keep things simple for her marketing teams. So she made it clear in their marketing—within the first ten words—what you would get help with. If people weren’t a good fit, she wanted her team to know, so they didn’t bother people. They wanted to be empathetic and share helpful resources whenever possible. One of the companies Corrina was working with at the time had been through a recession, and they were familiar with how to solve economic constraints. So Corinna shared as many relevant resources as possible.

She notes that you must remember that everyone is at their computers in their homes and be mindful that there is a whole world outside of the business problems you’re trying to solve.

How to build empathy into your copy

A lot of companies use standard automated opt-out language if you want to stop receiving email communication. But Corrina wanted to be even more straightforward and transparent. They did not want to be a pest or an ignored email in someone’s inbox. So they told their list that they wanted to be respectful of their time: if people weren’t interested or weren’t a good fit, they should feel free to let them know. They wanted to be a resource and helping hand.

They weren’t focused on net new meetings but wanted to show they could be partners if needed. They changed their mindset from selling to providing value. It wasn’t about clicks or booking meetings; it was about focusing on delivering content that people would consume and read. It was a whole different ballgame than previous quarters, so they changed their mindset altogether.

Don’t forget to test + measure

The pandemic created an epidemic of spam. Unfortunately, those who are employing legitimate marketing tactics are getting lost in the noise. Eighty percent of the spam email we got had the headline: “Our COVID-19 Response.” Everything was just getting deleted. Corrina’s sales teams began to realize how frustrating it was to receive spammy emails—which is exactly what they were having marketing send out. It showed them that there were other ways to communicate with their clients.

They had to reconfigure their strategy and do a lot of AB testing to decide what approach to take moving forward. A lot of what they did was sending emails later in the evening when they knew someone’s inbox wasn’t as flooded. What did this accomplish? They gave their customers content in a timeframe during which they could consume it. This kept it from getting lost in their inbox.

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