How to Add Value as a Thought Leader through Content with Andrea Smith, Ep #60

How to Add Value as a Thought Leader through Content with Andrea Smith, Ep #60

Kayla Graham

How should businesses use social media to develop a thought leader presence? How can they empower employees to feel comfortable creating a platform? Andrea Smith—the Owner and Founder of the ADS Agency—has over 15 years of global and corporate marketing experience. In this episode of The Content Callout, she shares what she’s learned from years of creating content.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:39] A conversation about Clubhouse
  • [6:10] How should businesses use Clubhouse?
  • [10:11] Will Clubhouse replace conferences?
  • [14:25] Marketing in several different countries
  • [27:46] How to add value as a thought leader
  • [31:57] How to create an engaging YouTube video
  • [37:40] How to connect with Andrea Smith

How should businesses use social media?

Your employees should not be afraid of using social media to develop thought leadership and create awareness for your brand. Yet many are terrified to touch social media for fear of posting something that doesn’t reflect well on the brand. Shying away from social media does any company a disservice. Your employees can be brand ambassadors for you if you enable them to do so. You can teach your employees how to use the platform responsibly. When you give someone a platform, sometimes gems come out that you wouldn’t have otherwise heard.

How to add value as a thought leader in the content world

What are your clients searching for at midnight when they’re thinking about a problem they can’t solve? Those questions are the clues that should lead to the content you put out. You should fill the content gap. Nine times out of ten, if you’re a thought leader, you’re an expert in a specific space. Maybe your content doesn’t exist yet.

If it’s not on Google or YouTube, that’s a content gap you can fill. It’s a valuable place for people to play. Andrea was charged with putting on an awards event for a non-profit she’s on the board for. She couldn’t find a simple checklist or article that shared how-tos for doing an awards event. So she did it all from scratch again. But the marketer in her made a checklist and put it out there. She made a small video about it, and people from all over the world are downloading the content.

There will always be a content gap in your space that you can fill. It just takes some simple research to serve your customers. Help them find your content and get them in your funnel with lead magnets. They’ll be in your world because of the content gap you filled.

How to create an engaging YouTube video

Many people are scared to record a YouTube video and get on camera. The best thing you can do is just get a simple video out there and keep making them. Learn and practice along the way—you’ll only get better. It’s okay if video #1 sucks and video #100 is 1,000x better. You just have to start somewhere.

Don’t get stuck on fancy equipment and mics. Nothing has to be expensive. A $15 tripod and a $45 mic can get you started. Above all else, be yourself. Don’t try to be GaryVee or Amy Porterfield. It’s better if you can be you and talk like you’re talking to a friend. People want to connect with you, so loosen up and be yourself.

Take a picture of someone you love and trust and put that in front of you. Act like you’re talking to them. This can help you feel more confident. If the video sucks, you can redo it! It’s about the progress you make along the way. YouTube allows you to keep learning and improving.

To hear more of Andrea’s thought leadership and marketing strategies, listen to this episode!

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