How to Cultivate Culture Remotely with Dustin Tysick, Ep #37

How to Cultivate Culture Remotely with Dustin Tysick, Ep #37

Kayla Graham

How do you maintain culture when casual conversations are few and far between? How do you establish any sort of work-life balance when you’re at home 24/7? In this episode of Content Callout, Dustin Tysick—the VP of Marketing & Growth at Jostle—shares what he’s found to be helpful to build and maintain a great work culture.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:15] Maintaining culture remotely
  • [4:14] Establishing culture with new hires
  • [6:55] How to set boundaries
  • [10:13] Features and benefits of Jostle
  • [11:26] Competing in the software space
  • [14:34] Cultivating a new culture in an old school space
  • [20:19] Dustin’s podcast: People at Work
  • [23:51] The concept of connection
  • [30:09] Learn more about Jostle

Maintaining culture remotely

Maintaining productivity has never been an issue—at least at Jostle—as people have moved to work remotely. But it’s hard to maintain culture when you’re not having casual conversations at your desk. Those things go away unless you’re intentional about it, which can lead to more stress at work. After a couple of months, people get lonely and annoyed.

Dustin believes the key is intentionally making time for those side conversations and not getting caught up in “Oh, this isn’t work-related.” Schedule coffee breaks. Play games. Do what you need to maintain those meaningful relationships.

Traditional work-life balance is out the window

Remember the viral video where this professor is being interviewed on live TV about North Korea? A young child comes waltzing into the room—followed soon after by a baby. Moments later, after it’s pointed out, his wife comes racing into the room to drag the two children out. He tried to stiff-arm his kids out of the room while trying to maintain composure.

Nowadays? You can just let the child come in, and no one cares. It becomes a human moment. Traditional work-life balance isn’t a thing anymore. It’s more about work-life integration and how you make the two work together. We’re all just a lot more human and understanding.

How to set work boundaries

That being said, you have to somehow learn to set the boundaries of when you work and when you spend time with family. Dustin found himself checking work constantly. So he switched to set hours where he does not have his phone on him. He won’t look at work and blocks it out. It’s so easy to work all day, every day and get burned out. His trick is to silence his phone, put it in another room, and only leave emergency calls set to ring through.

Amanda went on vacation ten years ago in Malaysia. She didn’t have a working cell phone, so she actually took a vacation. She instinctively reached to check her phone, and it was useless. It becomes instinctual. Dustin went to a cabin on a farm with his family, and there was no technology. It was so old-school he watched VHS tapes with his family.

Establishing culture with new hires

Dustin shares that it’s completely awkward hiring someone remotely. You don’t get the same vibe that you would get in the office. There’s some intuition that you lose, and getting them to feel connected is difficult.

So Dustin schedules team meetings and one-on-ones where they can get to know everyone. He emphasizes that you have to take the time. They have their new hires chat with people all over the company—in marketing, dev, QA, sales, etc. to build bridges that you just can’t get remotely.

When you’re doing interviews over the phone and your prospect is in their element, you can get a glimpse into who they are. You get to see how people live. They also let their guard down a little more versus coming into an office with a suit on and having questions thrown at them.

How do they maintain connection? How does Jostle compete in the software space because of their culture? Listen to the whole episode to learn more!

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