How to Embrace GaryVee Style Marketing [According to James Orsini] Ep #22

How to Embrace GaryVee Style Marketing [According to James Orsini] Ep #22

Mark Raffan

How do you build and market a brand like GaryVee? How do you create marketing campaigns that influence the decision to buy? What’s the difference between branding and marketing? One of GaryVee’s right-hand guys—James Orsini—shares some savvy branding and marketing techniques in this episode of The Content Callout. Check it out!

James started as Gary’s Chief Integration Officer and became his Chief Operating Officer. Up until 2019, he was part of VaynerX. This year, Gary launched The Sasha Group where James is now President. The Sasha Group serves businesses that make between $1 million to $100 million in revenue.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:55] James Role at VaynerX
  • [3:04] Create marketing campaigns that influence
  • [5:27] How to have educational conversations
  • [7:32] The difference between branding and marketing
  • [9:12] Invest money in brand development
  • [11:27] Put yourself out there on LinkedIn
  • [14:15] How to improve your marketing
  • [15:45] How to connect with James Orsini

Create marketing campaigns that influence the decision to buy

When The Sasha Group was launched, they received 4,700 inquiries from potential clients in the first 48 hours. The group was created to serve a niche that was often neglected and undervalued. What sets them apart? They take the time to understand the entrepreneurs’ story and why they got behind the product that they did, what benefit they think it brings to the consumer, and what role it plays in a greater ecosystem. And then they work hard to tell that story. “People will consume compelling content regardless of the lens.”

So many businesses are afraid to do something different. They’re afraid of exposure on social media and what it might mean. The Sasha Group has three pillars: education, consulting, and digital marketing. They take the time to educate clients so they’re a smarter consumer of services. You need to understand the landscape you’re marketing in. They then engage in a small project to get a feel for whether or not they’ll continue the journey together for a longer period.

How to educate potential clients

The Sasha Group runs a workshop of small groups where Gary teaches for an hour and a half. The attendees see what’s under the hood of VaynerMedia and learn to understand how consumers take in content. They run these workshops in NY, London, LA, and TN. They’ve had 400–500 people go through it already.

If there are 50+ people from one organization, they take a version of the workshop to them. They do 4 modules of training and rotate them through it. Both components have worked well for them. They have tested so many strategies with Gary that they can use for everyone else. They’re so successful because Gary doesn’t ask any of his followers to do what he hasn’t already proven himself.

What is the difference between branding and marketing? Why is it so important to invest in brand development? Keep listening as James shares his thoughts.

How to improve your marketing

James emphasizes that you need to get a clear understanding of the ROI you’re looking for and implement a way to measure success. Don’t just spend your money without understanding the environment in which you’re going to spend your money. Secondly, your business needs to have clear and concise branding.

The goal at The Sasha Group is to get their clients to outgrow them. James notes that the question is always “How fast can we get you to $100 million to push you down the block to VaynerMedia?” The Sasha Group is a customer-focused company. They are obsessed with their customer success. Listen to the whole episode to find out how you can be, too.

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