How to Foster an Inclusive Culture as a Marketing Leader with Joseph Taiano, Ep #85

How to Foster an Inclusive Culture as a Marketing Leader with Joseph Taiano, Ep #85

Kayla Graham

As a marketing leader, fostering an inclusive culture in your organization is key to successful marketing. It’s not just about including different genders, ethnicities, orientations, etc. but also cultivating diversity of thought and opinion. Joseph Taiano believes that you’ll be able to use those different perspectives to strengthen your marketing message. As the Managing Director and Global Head of Marketing for Consumer and Manufacturing Industries at Accenture, Joseph lends an innovative and creative approach to marketing. And with over 20 years in B2B marketing, he has the experience to back up every word he says in this episode of The Content Callout. Don’t miss it!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:35] Learn more about Joseph Taiano
  • [2:43] Joseph’s top 3 tips for marketers
  • [8:47] Inclusion and diversity in marketing
  • [15:07] Ways to become more inclusive
  • [16:48] Environmental, Social, and Governance in marketing
  • [21:04] Joseph’s favorite resources for continuous learning
  • [22:15] How to improve B2B Storytelling
  • [27:15] Tips to simplify your message
  • [29:19] Social media and thought leadership in the B2B space
  • [34:55] Be brave enough to ask the right questions
  • [37:04] How to connect with Joseph Taiano

You need to foster an inclusive culture

According to the World Economic Forum, around 40% of people have changed jobs—or are contemplating making a change—in the last two years. According to Accenture research, 70% of marketing executives said their employees were completely exhausted from the last two years. As leaders, you need to show up for each other and foster an inclusive culture. You need to make sure people feel taken care of, seen, and heard. Over the last two years, that has become more important than ever.

Joseph shares that he is a gay man and he believes representation matters—it certainly has for his career. He points out that people want to work where they’re celebrated, not tolerated. If you want to retain your employees, you have to show representation so people see that there is a career path for them in your company. You can’t just throw a pride flag on your LinkedIn banner and call it good. That’s not enough. You need company policies, behavior, and culture to back up that you are inclusive and supportive.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes—as long as you learn from them

Joseph believes that most people are inherently good and want to do the right thing. But they don’t always know what to do. Joseph has a friend at Out Leadership that says, “The term ally should be a verb and not a noun.” How are you supporting inclusion and diversity? People get so nervous to make any move—because we live in a cancel culture—that they don’t do anything at all.

Joseph believes that you don’t have to be grandiose. But you should know the makeup of your team. Be vulnerable. Share mistakes and successes. Create an environment where people feel safe. Practice active listening. Listen to what someone is going through. Sometimes the little things are powerful. And it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.

No one wants to be known for trying something new and having it come across as insensitive. But if you take the right steps, that shouldn’t happen. If a mistake does happen, admit it, be transparent about it, and actively change policies and procedures. Doing so will go a long way.

What is your company’s purpose? What does your company stand for? How are you going all-in on a certain demographic or marginalized group? That needs to be your guide. You don’t have to support every initiative because it comes across as fake and people will see right through it.

Ways to become more inclusive

What does your social circle look like? Does everyone look like you? Joseph is a large supporter of employee resource groups. Employee resource groups can help you show allyship for people who are different from you. The LGBTQ+ resource group at Accenture gave Joseph a group of professionals that shared his challenges. He felt like he could trust them. It also gave him allies who wanted to advocate for him.

He points out that there are many books, training, and podcasts to learn about creating an inclusive culture in your organization. He recommends taking baby steps and changing one thing at a time. A step in the right direction does make a difference.

We cover a lot of topics in this episode—ESG in marketing, B2B storytelling, how to simplify your language, and even B2B marketing on social media. Give it a listen.

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