How to Infuse Digital Content with Personality According to Travis Tyler, Ep #84

How to Infuse Digital Content with Personality According to Travis Tyler, Ep #84

Kayla Graham

Travis Tyler is THE Digital Content Producer at PandaDoc. He produces scroll-stopping digital content for technology companies—both funny and educational—and kills it on LinkedIn. He creates compelling videos that are whimsical, funny, and effective. He’s not afraid to infuse his content with his personality. It’s a winning formula for Travis. He shares how you can embrace this fearless mentality in this episode of The Content Callout.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:08] Travis shares three-rapid fire actionable tips
  • [2:53] Why marketing departments need an in-house video production team
  • [5:02] Why so many marketers are afraid of diving into video
  • [6:27] How improv can change the way you create digital content
  • [7:28] Why you should flavor marketing campaigns with your personality
  • [13:24] Combining creative community-building video with demand gen
  • [16:57] Marketing is a reflection of company culture
  • [18:30] Learn more about the customer engagement lab
  • [22:07] How to connect with Travis Tyler

Your marketing department needs an in-house video production team

Travis believes the days of the SEO play are over. Everyone relies on Google’s algorithms. Relying on that is not enough. You can’t just churn out SEO-relevant web pages. Even if you’re answering questions and producing great content, at the end of the day, it’s not enough.

The #1 source for organic traffic to the PandaDoc website—with over 1.4 million visitors per month—is LinkedIn. It’s where their ICP lives. It’s where video is ripe for the taking. People have continued to leverage video in a number of successful ways.

Travis created a new role at PandaDoc as Digital Content Producer. It’s one part brand evangelist, one part video engineer, and one part journalist/marketer. When combined, Travis believes you have a winning formula for leveraging video to generate awareness and demand for your brand.

Why so many marketers are afraid of diving into video

Video is daunting. Travis never liked the way he looked or sounded in video. He wasn’t sure what to say. He focused on all the wrong things (expensive equipment, cool backdrops, etc.). To overcome the discomfort, he recommends taking some sort of extra-curricular class to get better with acting, improvising, or telling a story.

Travis took a year and a half of improv comedy classes. He joined a local theater and performed every weekend. Travis believes it helped him build up the chops to think on his feet, roll with the punches, and just let his “freak flag fly.” He allows himself to be the goofy-ass adult that he is—and it works.

How improv can change the way you create content

Travis emphasizes that everyone is afraid of looking stupid. No one wants to be embarrassed. Most people do everything possible to avoid being embarrassed—especially in the professional world. You want to portray a well-put-together individual who knows everything and is successful in their endeavors. When Travis decided to swim against the current and be himself, people connected with that. He’s not afraid to look silly or stupid or fall flat on his face. It helped him become fearless.

PandaDoc is now valued at over a billion dollars. They’re polishing their advertising. But they take the tone and brand they’ve curated and allow it to be whimsical. Travis has had pushback. But he believes his marketing reflects the culture that the founders established.

Combining creative community-building video with demand gen

Paid YouTube ads are part of their strategy. Travis might partner with an agency to create a YouTube ad that’s gonna get tens of thousands of dollars put behind it as they do retargeting advertising. The tone is whimsical, fun, and differentiated—but it still provides their value proposition.

They are a business that helps people complete electronic documents. It’s not sexy but they make it fun and interesting. They AB test their videos. Injecting an element of humor into their ads helped them perform better. It’s also a relatively inexpensive way to create and capture demand.

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