How to Make Social Media Your Secret Weapon per Emily Ptak, Ep #55

How to Make Social Media Your Secret Weapon per Emily Ptak, Ep #55

Kayla Graham

One of Emily Ptak’s catchphrases is that “Social media is your secret weapon.” But often—before social media can be used as the tool it should be—she notes that you have to “look under the hood.” You have to address deeper issues your business may have before sharpening your social media sword. What does that look like? Why is a more ethical approach to selling your services the key to success? Emily shares more in this episode of Content Callout!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:45] How Emily wrote copy for famous musicians
  • [4:13] Handling canned sales messages on LinkedIn
  • [7:07] Tagging people on Facebook
  • [10:45] “Social media is your secret weapon”
  • [16:04] Take a peek under the hood
  • [21:30] The world of sales has changed drastically
  • [23:35] Use social media for customer service
  • [27:35] Brands need formal crisis management in place
  • [32:07] The struggle: human-centric or Google-centric
  • [38:04] Does formalized education matter anymore?
  • [41:42] How to learn more about Emily Ptak and Ptak + Co

“Social media is your secret weapon”

Before Emily works with a potential client, she schedules a discovery session where she works to uncover everything she can about someone’s business: the brand, brand sentiments, customer journey, and more. If someone comes to them and says they need help with social media, she’s not afraid to say that it would be unethical for her to sell social media services if their website is what really needs help.

She needs them to be able to go deeper first. They need to know their vision, direction, and ideal customer and be able to articulate that internally. She believes if the CEO knows the vision and mission of the company but the sales team doesn’t, you won’t find success. She notes that you must take a few steps back before you take steps forward. You can’t just throw something at the wall and see what works. It’s no longer acceptable.

Deposit before you can withdraw

Emily believes that “You have to deposit before you can withdraw.” You have to treat social media as a bank account you’re investing in. You can’t withdraw money without depositing some first. Another of her favorite catch-phrases is that you have to treat social media like a bank robbery. If you’re robbing a bank, you don’t just willy-nilly walk in and say “Give me your money!” You have to plan in advance, learn what technology they have, when tellers work, when security is there, etc. Then you execute your plan—get in and get out.

Social media needs to be strategic. You need to get users off of social media and on properties you own. If the world loses social media, all of that money and time you spend developing followers is gone. If someone on social media is a good lead for you, what are you doing with them? Are they going in your CRM or being passed to sales? Your team needs to work holistically and strategically so there’s no disconnect.

Take a peek under the hood

How does Emily approach a conversation where she finds more problems than what her services are being obtained for? Emily just signed a new client based in Quebec. She sent them an inclusive marketing proposal because they’re a new startup and need a lot of work. The owner wanted to do it all and believed in the process but he needed to prioritize whatever was the most crucial.

So she didn’t sell him on social. She advised him to start with Google ads to bring in leads and develop sales. Of course she wants to do everything but she must understand that what they do has to make the most sense for the client. Emily emphasizes that “I never try to sell anyone on something that is not going to be valuable for them.” It’s not only damaging to her reputation but just feels wrong.

If you sell someone something they don’t need, it’s not a good experience for anybody. Emily sees herself as the guide on the side decisions. It’s her job to tell them what to measure.

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