How to Monetize and Market Your Podcast with Dan Sanchez, Ep #49

How to Monetize and Market Your Podcast with Dan Sanchez, Ep #49

Kayla Graham

Monetizing a B2B podcast is at the forefront of every marketer’s mind. But is it easier said than done? According to Dan Sanchez, the Director of Audience Growth for Sweetfish Media and co-host of the B2B Growth podcast—there are great short-term and long-term strategies. In this week’s episode of The Content Callout, we continue with our podcast theme. If you’re ready to take the leap into podcasting, this is a series you don’t want to miss.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:52] Podcasting as an account-based marketing tool
  • [4:53] How to reach someone on your “dream” list
  • [6:05] Become a thought leader by surrounding yourself with experts
  • [8:05] How to make your B2B content interesting
  • [14:00] Keep SEO in mind with podcasting
  • [23:22] Dan’s favorite podcasts for learning (and for fun)
  • [27:00] Is the podcast realm overly saturated?
  • [33:52] How to reach and retain the right audience
  • [43:38] How to connect with Dan Sanchez

Podcasting as an account-based marketing tool

Account-based marketing is—as Dan puts it—the hidden secret behind podcasting for B2B brands. People want to grow their audience and have a lot of people to talk to. But it takes a huge audience to make a good piece of revenue—and it takes a long time. It’s worth it. But there’s another side of podcasting that can produce revenue in the short term that’s rarely talked about.

Account-based marketing can produce revenue in the short term. How? You need to invite your ideal customer on the show as guests. Instead of marketing to the masses, it’s marketing to one person—your dream customer. You come up with ways to target them, engage them, activate them, and work hand-in-hand with sales to spend money on the people that matter.

It’s how Sweetfish has grown to the size that it is. They invited their prospects as guests on their show, made them feel like rockstars, and made the show all about their expertise. They invite VPs of marketing on their show to build relationships with them. If they’re not in the market, they’re still adding value to their lives and building a relationship that will last. They may be customers later, and they may not.

How to reach someone on your “dream” list

Sweetfish somehow managed to interview GaryVee on their podcast, and he’s in high demand (and featured on a lot of podcasts). But people like GaryVee aren’t the majority of their episodes. They prefer to highlight VPs, Directors, and people that are thrilled to be invited to be on a podcast.

People make the mistake of chasing thought leaders to be on their podcast when they should be chasing prospects. Sexy guests are great, so you can say they were on there, but they shouldn’t be your sole focus. It also makes people feel great to know that they’re being placed on the same level as someone like GaryVee or Simon Sinek when they’re on your show.

Build the right audience—with LinkedIn

So you’ve got a great podcast, and you’re interviewing your ideal clients. But how do you build an audience? Dan notes that there are easy things you can do, like getting the podcast and your website and making it easy to find in the navigation.

Dan likes to pair podcasting with a secondary channel that’s for discovery. For B2B, there’s no better channel than LinkedIn. LinkedIn is where the conversations are happening. Get it into a promotional schedule, so you’re consistently getting it out there on LinkedIn. The worst thing you can do is just post a link and tell people to check it out. You want to slice it and dice it into little bite-size pieces. Put the link in the comments.

He also recommends that you write original content for the platform. It takes time, but you don’t have to start from scratch. Just summarize the best points from your podcast episode in the LinkedIn post. You can also post video clips (which perform really well). There’s no other place where you can get in front of Directors, VPs, and CMOs. A handful of those eyes are better than hundreds of fans that are all over the place.

How to foster engagement on LinkedIn

LinkedIn was the first platform where Dan has succeeded in growing a personal following. They reward you for engaging in other people’s content more than any other platform. All you have to do is find your key accounts on LinkedIn, find out what they’re talking about, and engage with them in their comments. If you show up with something insightful, they’ll remember you. And the more you’re engaging with other people’s content, the more your posts are likely to be seen by those people. No other platform rewards engagement with others quite like LinkedIn.

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