How to Perfect Your Podcasting Strategy with Carey Green, Ep #48

How to Perfect Your Podcasting Strategy with Carey Green, Ep #48

Mark Raffan

Why are podcasting strategy and quality important? Carey Green—the Founder of Podcast Fast Track—firmly believes that we need to rethink how we think about podcasting strategy. Your strategy needs to be the “why” behind creating your podcast. You need to build a strategy that meets your goals, helps you build the right audience, and helps you monetize your business. Hear some of Carey’s expert advice to reach your podcasting goals in this episode of The Content Callout!

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:02] Why is podcasting strategy and quality important?
  • [3:31] Where to get started with podcasting strategy
  • [5:30] Passion and purpose in podcasting
  • [6:38] Dial in a podcasting strategy that matches your goals
  • [10:42] How to build an audience of the right people
  • [12:17] Should you take the DIY route or hire professionals?
  • [15:18] The right strategy leads to the right monetization model
  • [18:44] The biggest mistake Carey sees B2B marketers make
  • [19:33] How Carey feels about promotion through ads
  • [21:40] The ONE question people should always ask
  • [24:14] How to connect with Carey Green

Where to get started with podcasting strategy

Carey says to imagine someone’s starting a podcast about real estate investing. They tend to think their competition is every other real estate podcast—but that would be wrong. Their competition is every other form of media their listeners could be choosing. That means the competition is Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. Their podcast has to nail their ideal listener’s desires. If it doesn’t, there are plenty of other things they could listen to, watch, or consume. So you have to be clear on who you’re reaching and who so you’re appealing to them.

Carey works to understand what each podcaster is passionate about. He has 14 financial planning clients right now that all do different shows. One in particular—Dan Johnson—came to him and had already thought it through. He had a show called “From Sales Success to Investing Success” aimed at investing for sales professionals. Carey has another financial planning coach who focuses on financial planning for physicians. You need to figure out who your very best clients are, what they need, and how to serve them. Then you build from there.

Why you need to identify a strong target audience

But what’s the danger in being too broad? Carey notes that if you’re too broad—and trying to be everything to everyone—you won’t offer anything of value to people that really “scratches their itch.” You also won’t make any money. Why? Because you aren’t hitting a specific need that people would be willing to pay for. That’s why choosing a niche is so important. People get stuck on, “Well this is a podcast for sales.” Okay, but sales for who? Carey emphasizes that you have to ask questions to drill down to a niche because it directs how the show is shaped.

Passion and purpose in podcasting

I know many people jumping into podcasting because they believe they should have one from a marketing strategy standpoint. However, that podcast needs a passionate host so the show will maintain both sustainability and consistency. Without that, the odds of success will be low.

The people who show up to listen to a show don’t just show up for their great guests—they show up because they like you. There are millions of things they could be consuming, and they chose you for a reason. It’s your personality, your approach, and your passion. If you don’t have passion, they’ll notice and lose interest. It’s wasting your listeners’ time.

How to dial in a podcasting strategy that matches your goals

Why are you doing a podcast? What are your specific goals? Carey believes that quantifying success by the number of downloads is superficial and lacks meaning. What you truly care about is the ROI—and it may not be monetary. Carey points out that perhaps you want a following that you can influence a certain way to start a social movement. Most clients are wanting to build a business that their podcast fuels.

One of the first things Carey does with new podcasters is to ask what their end goal is. Carey will ask questions to peel back the layers and go deep. New podcasters tend to focus on growing their audience, their download numbers, and social media shares. But the real reason they’re starting a podcast is to grow their business.

So much goes into building a business with a quality podcast, from targeting the right audience to quality audio-editing—even monetization strategies. Carey dives deep into these topics in this episode. Don’t miss it!

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