Humanize Your Brand with Carlos Gil’s Counter-Culture Approach, Ep #5

Humanize Your Brand with Carlos Gil’s Counter-Culture Approach, Ep #5

Mark Raffan

Why are you—or your brand—on social media? What’s your plan? Purpose? Objective? Many marketers get caught up in metrics that don’t matter, such as views and likes. Carlos Gil—CEO, keynote speaker, author, and social media consultant—points out that social media is a giant, noisy, digital ocean. If those “views” and “likes” aren’t driving conversions, then it’s time to move another direction with your marketing. But what direction do you take? What should the point of social media marketing be? Listen to this episode of The Content Callout to hear Carlos share his thoughts on why you should humanize your brand.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:54] Carlos’ 3 rapid-fire tactics + strategies
  • [2:58] Veer away from textbook marketing
  • [6:23] How we’ve gotten off-track with social media
  • [9:33] Marketers fall in love with useless metrics
  • [14:39] How to engage with and create brand champions
  • [20:25] What do you want to be known for?
  • [27:14] How to connect with Carlos and his brand

Veer away from textbook marketing—be Savage

Carlos happily admits that he isn’t a textbook marketer. He goes against the grain. He uses terms like “Savage Marketing” or being a “Marketing Savage” throughout his book, The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI. He admits that it alienates some marketers because they feel it’s an aggressive approach.

“But the reality is this: Business is business. And if you’re using these mediums to grow a business, then you really need to tap into them the way that they’re intended to be tapped into.”

So what is the intended use? Carlos points out that it is to converse, to socialize, and to listen.

So you want to make money?

The end result of a marketing campaign should be growth, making money, and driving sales—but how you get there isn’t always linear. So what should your approach be? Carlos lists three simple steps that he follows:

  • Listen to what’s being said on social media about your product or service
  • Engage with the people talking about your brand and build relationships with them
  • Then sell to them.

What marketers don’t often acknowledge is that when you’re engaging with someone, you’re selling yourself. Carlos’s marketing book became a best-seller within 24 hours when it first hit Amazon. How?

Because he spent about six months sharing with his social media community the process of writing a book. He shared what he was going through in the trenches. He built relatability with his community. So when he let them know the book was for sale, they jumped on it. The same principles should apply to big corporate brands. The way people engage with each other is the same way brands should be engaging.

How we have gotten so far off-track with social media marketing?

Why is there such a disconnect in social media marketing? Carlos notes that there’s a desperation that comes over marketers because they’re constantly competing. They’re fighting an uphill battle. No one goes on social media to see an advertisement from a brand. But marketers invest thousands—and even millions—of dollars on Facebook and Instagram ads knowing the consumer doesn’t want those ads.

A flip needs to be switched: There needs to be an emphasis on relationship development.

Instead of wasting your money on social ads, Carlos believes you should spend the money on hiring more people to engage with consumers. It’s reverse engineering engagement. So many brands and brand marketers think it’s as simple as posting content. That people see it and love it. The good brands are able to create engaging content and pull people in—Carlos isn’t arguing that fact. But 99% of brands push their audience away from them with their marketing tactics.

You need to speak directly with your community. Carlos notes that we’ve moved away from the things that once worked. He points out that Wendy’s had innovative marketing—but now everyone’s a Wendy’s. Everyone wants to have that savage, snarky, humorous tone.

But you can’t lose sight of the fact that there are so many topics that are being talked about. Not everyone needs to embrace that style—but they do need to engage with people. It’s not hard, but it takes work, and it takes time.

Have we fallen in love with the metrics and the ops? Is the consumer engagement really there? Carlos shares his take on what metrics are useless—and which you should focus on. He also talks about how to acknowledge and interact with your community. So keep listening!

Develop your tribe by building your own voice

Carlos tried to be like everyone else in the beginning. He wanted everyone to like him. Then he decided to just be himself and people could decide to love him or hate him. This approach has worked a lot better. People want authenticity, and Carlos doesn’t disappoint.

In the end, you have to be constantly learning about the space. You have to be patient. Carlos emphasizes that if you’re good at what you do, people will advocate for you. You’ll have success. You’ll see results. Maybe you’ll start writing about it, filming YouTube videos, or speaking at conferences. These things will happen, but you have to do it in order—and you have to give it time.

His counter-culture approach based on true engagement and interaction over metrics is a game-changer in social media marketing. To hear the rest of his marketing approach, listen to the whole episode.

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