Is B2B Growth Hacking Over-Hyped? Sandro Meyer Weighs In, Ep #97

Is B2B Growth Hacking Over-Hyped? Sandro Meyer Weighs In, Ep #97

Kayla Graham

Is growth hacking in the B2B space achievable? Or is it an overused phrase that does little good to anyone? Is the growth hacking mindset helpful or harmful to a company’s growth? Sandro Meyer—the co-founder of GrowthBay, a growth marketing agency based in Zurich—shares what might be a better alternative to growth hacking in this episode of The Content Callout.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:07] Learn more about Sandro Meyer
  • [2:39] Sandro’s rapid-fire marketing tips
  • [5:56] Split your funnel into audience and prospects
  • [13:50] Why Sandro emphasizes co-marketing
  • [19:30] Content distribution is like a trade magazine
  • [23:00] Growth hacking shouldn’t be prioritized
  • [26:05] How to handle clients who expect immediate growth
  • [30:46] Every marketer has a different path to follow
  • [33:37] How to connect with Sandro Meyer

Opt for systems over fast solutions

If B2B growth hacking isn’t the solution—what is?

Sandro Meyer didn’t know what he was doing when he got into marketing. At some point, he realized that you need to create systems if you’re growing. What are inputs? What are deliverables? How can you develop steps for the process? After all, you can’t deliver consistent quality without a process. But you have to find a balance. What type of system leads to both quality and quantity?

If you don’t have an easy process or system in place and you build your team, it will not go well. Tactics and hacks can never replace a great system. You want continuous growth that you can predict in some way. You can make a system and a process and then find a growth hack to push it along. Overall, there’s too much attention on fast growth. What good is it if you get 10,000 new followers and accomplish nothing else?

How to handle clients who expect growth hacking

Sandro learned that you need to start by understanding your client’s goals. Most people care about revenue and the KPIs that lead to revenue. Secondly, if you want to be taken seriously, you need to learn the language they speak.

If someone wants to use a growth hack, Sandro gets them to backtrack to determine what their goals are. Then he’ll look at the different strategies they can use to reach their goals. If something is working and doesn’t have diminishing returns, he’ll keep doing them.

Tackle low-hanging fruit while focusing on long-term goals

If your client wants more traffic—why do they want it? Do they want their prospects to read blog posts? Go straight to a demo? Do they want them on the homepage? You have to manage their expectations. It makes it easier if you don’t hit a specific goal that’s been set.

While you’re setting their expectations for long-term goals, find low-hanging fruit to tackle. This gives them the quick wins that they want while you’re prioritizing long-term projects and goals. Maybe their website isn’t ready for inbound marketing or needs a refresh. Whatever it is, there’s always a way to deliver a quick win.

Sandro covers numerous topics in this episode, from co-marketing to content distribution, from funnel strategies to being happy in your role. Don’t miss it!

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