Jesus Corona Makes Bank with TikTok—You Can Too, Ep #35

Jesus Corona Makes Bank with TikTok—You Can Too, Ep #35

Kate Roberts

In February 2019, Jesus Corona dropped out of college, unsure about the direction his life would take. So he went on YouTube looking for motivational content and ran into none other than GaryVee. At the time, there wasn’t a video where he wasn’t calling you dumb for not being on TikTok. So Jesus decided to give TikTok a shot. Jesus grew his following from 1,000 followers to over 700,000—then he monetized it. How? Listen to this episode of The Content Callout to learn more!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:44] Chatting with the TikTok master
  • [5:58] How to excel with TikTok
  • [11:00] The time and skill needed
  • [13:28] When do you take on clients?
  • [20:14] The biggest objection with TikTok
  • [23:23] How Jesus sources new clients
  • [25:18] How to monetize TikTok
  • [31:03] The influence that rests on your shoulders
  • [32:12] Jesus’s favorite content
  • [34:10] Jesus’s strategy for other social media platforms
  • [35:03] Keep your content simple + fast
  • [39:18] How to connect with Jesus

Keep your content simple + fast

Jesus emphasizes that the key to success on TikTok is keeping your content simple and fast. You can’t sit there and try to talk to your phone like you would for an Insta-story. Keep it short and quick. You can use content from YouTube and LinkedIn—you just have to transform it into native content on TikTok. Don’t repurpose or use the same video. But you can take a 2-minute video on LinkedIn and figure out how to explain it in bite-size pieces. How can you make your ideas TikTok friendly? Listen to the whole episode for more detail on Jesus’s strategy.

How Jesus decided to take on clients

After Jesus hit 500,000 followers on TikTok, he began to wonder if he could replicate the same success for someone else. Most of his videos were getting at least 250,000 views. At one point, he gained so much traction that 250,000 views meant the video flopped.

So Jesus reached out to an entrepreneur that went to the same gym. He sent him a screenshot of his 80 million views on TikTok—starting from zero. “You have 1 million followers on Instagram. Imagine what I can do for you.” He said he was willing to work for free until they got results.

TikTok = simple and effective lead gen

The first video they put out got 10 million views. This entrepreneur was selling a $25,000 package and made $125,000 from that one video. The second video they made got 4 million views. So Jesus decided to start charging for others. It goes to show that it works for people with sexy—and unsexy—businesses. That is the power of TikTok.

Jesus approached another client—a 16-year-old kid making $30,000—pushing people to affiliate offers. They shifted the content and followed Jesus’ guidelines. One video made him $16,000. He emphasizes that TikTok’s power is absolutely insane. Everything works on TikTok. It’s all about the approach you take.

How Jesus sources new clients

Jesus likes to follow entrepreneurs to see what they’re doing and how they’re doing it—because he knows they’re doing it wrong. His play is to develop a portfolio of everything they’re doing wrong, and he’ll send them a free TikTok report. He works for free for one week, he’ll 10x their results, and they sign with him immediately.

He works for free for a week because people don’t believe in the platform. TikTok is at a point where you can post subpar content and get solid results. If you can optimize it, the results are immediate. If you can take someone with 1,000 followers and get them to 30,000 in one week, they get addicted to that feeling.

How to monetize TikTok

The whole reason Jesus wanted to get on social media was to generate money. So once he accumulated followers, he shifted to generating money. But he had no clue where to start. So he studied people like Russel Brunson and learned how to do ClickFunnels. He simply changed the copy to speak to his audience.

He made his first online sales funnel and made $400 his first week. Then he paid someone to professionally optimize his funnel. His funnel converted at a high rate. But he had to determine how to structure his content to send people to his funnel without seeming like a sellout.

He found that you have to keep doing your content the same way: hook, story, offer. His content already had a hook and a story. The only thing missing from his formula was the offer. So he plugged in an offer at the end, and it started working.

You want to post valuable content all about your viewer at first. At the very end, give them a call-to-action. People like to be led. If you can tell them to visit a link, they will. Produce value on the front end, deliver your content quickly, then offer them something.

How things are changing as the platform is growing

Jesus has noticed that over the last couple of months, the pandemic was producer-friendly. So many people were digesting content. But as people got bored, they started to produce more content. Views across the platform were cut down by 10%, 20%, 30+%. It is becoming more competitive. People are catching on to how fast and simple it can be. Attention is being divided, so it is becoming more difficult. But he emphasizes that every single day that you choose not to get on the platform is another day that someone else is giving it a shot—and winning.

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