Leverage this 3-Step B2B Link-Building Strategy with Farzad Rashidi, Ep #99

Leverage this 3-Step B2B Link-Building Strategy with Farzad Rashidi, Ep #99

Kayla Graham

Anyone in the SEO and content marketing world knows link building is one of the hardest things to master. The sheer number of links you need to get to rank in the top 10 is overwhelming, especially for small content shops. So what’s the solution? Farzad Rashidi shares a three-step B2B link-building strategy in this episode of The Content Callout. It’s not easy, but if done correctly, it can get astounding results for your business.

Farzad Rashidi is the Lead Innovator at Respona, a company that helps marketers build backlinks to their content. Respona is an all-in-one link-building and content promotion software that allows content marketers to promote their content and build quality backlinks from relevant authoritative publications in their space.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:54] Learn more about Farzad Rashidi and Respona
  • [2:28] Farzad’s three rapid-fire tips for marketers
  • [7:48] How and where to promote your content
  • [11:38] Farzad’s 3 step process to get backlinks
  • [23:12] Why competition is a good thing
  • [27:17] How to calculate how many people to reach out to
  • [28:34] Create a template for your outreach as a starting point
  • [34:07] Remember the importance of user experience
  • [36:31] How to connect with Farzad and learn more about Respona

How and where to promote your content

The goal of content is to bring an evergreen flow of traffic to your website for years. Step one is to get on-page optimization right. Have you chosen keywords with the highest search volume, lowest competition, and highest volume of commercial intent? What’s the user intent? What are people asking in the “People also ask” section? Then you post the content. What happens next will determine whether or not your post will be shown in search results.

Let’s say you’re creating a guide using the key phrase “B2B marketing plan.” How many searches come up for that keyword? 109 million. Then let’s say you’re the millionth piece of content in search. How do you go from the millionth to the top 10? Promotion and link-building.

Respona has a three-step process. Any time they put out a piece of content, they use strategies to collaborate and get their foot in the door with a relevant publication. The second step is developing a relationship so you can guest post on that publication. The third step Farzad likes to call the “Narnia” of content partnerships.

You have to build these relationships over time. It leads to a consistent flow of backlinks to the content you’re writing. If you have a small team and this process seems overwhelming, what’s the answer? Stop producing volumes of poor content. Decrease the frequency of your articles. Produce one piece of content a month and spend the rest of the time promoting the content and building backlinks.

But where do you start? Use Farzad’s three-step B2B link-building strategy.

Step #1: Transactional collaboration

Your target keyword is “B2B marketing plan.” You’ve put together the content and published it. Now you want to build some backlinks. There are a few strategies you can use. The first is transactional collaboration.

This involves reaching out to people you’ve never been in contact with to get your foot in the door. But you can’t just reach out to people and ask them to do something for you. You have to think about what’s in it for them.

So, where do you start? With the anchor text strategy. Find content pieces that mention your target keyword in the body with a different overall topic, so they aren’t directly competing. Once you identify content pieces that are established and published, check to see if the post is already linked to another resource. If it isn’t, it’s an opportunity.

Farzad recommends that you try to collaborate with someone who has a similar domain rating (DR) to you (within 10–20 of your DR). Once you have a list of websites, then you have to find the right person in charge of content.

Don’t pick a random email or reach out to support to share your pitch. Instead, find the content manager and reach out directly. What should the pitch sound like? You start with the “give” and then go in with the “ask.” It’s a mutually beneficial collaboration that gets your foot in the door.

Not everyone will say yes. You’ll have a 5–10% success rate. That’s a lot of work for 5-10 yeses, right? That’s why you need to nurture and grow the relationship.

Step #2: Continue to offer value

How do you take the relationship to the next step? Run a search in Ahrefs or Semrush and look at your content gap compared to competitors. It will tell you keywords that your competitors are ranking for that you aren’t. Take one of those keywords, write an article, and link to your contact. Then you want to do a content gap analysis for your partner.

Reach out to let them know you wrote an article and have linked to their post. You can point out that other websites are ranking for a certain keyword and let them know they aren’t ranking for it. Offer to contribute an article to their site covering that keyword. Ninety percent of people say yes.

Why? You’ve already established a relationship and offered them value. There’s no risk to them. If they don’t like the content, they just won’t publish it.

Step 3: Create an ongoing partnership

Ask if your contact contributes articles to other publications in their space. The answer is likely yes. If it is, ask them to partner with you. Ask them to link to your articles when it makes sense, and tell them you’ll do the same. Start a spreadsheet to track the backlinks to ensure the partnership is fair. Over time, you’ll end up with a network of a dozen or so partners. Half of them will be no good, but you’ll end up with 5–6 great partners that will regularly link to your website.

The next time you create a guest post, reference yourself and a few of your partners. It results in 5–6 links to your website because your partners are reciprocating, creating a ripple effect. These are the links that move the wheel.

How many people should you reach out to? Should you create a template for your outreach? How does Respona simplify the process for you? What should you do if you’re just getting started? Listen to the whole episode to learn more from Farzad.

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