Navigating Change in B2B Marketing with Julia Goebel, Ep #92

Navigating Change in B2B Marketing with Julia Goebel, Ep #92

Mark Raffan

Navigating change in B2B marketing—and life in general—has been a heavily discussed topic in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic changed life as we know it and propelled us forward in numerous ways. As a marketing leader, Julia Goebel is a pro at navigating change. In this episode of The Content Callout, we have a conversation about how marketing leaders can help their teams navigate change in the B2B marketing realm.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:14] Julia’s rapid-fire marketing tips
  • [2:30] Navigating change in the B2B marketing world
  • [5:00] How to make change manageable
  • [8:01] The more you struggle, the faster you sink
  • [9:48] How to lead a team that’s being acquired
  • [14:14] The biggest mistakes that leaders make
  • [18:20] How to plan your day the night before
  • [20:08] How to connect with Julia Goebel

Navigating change in B2B marketing

It’s important to recognize when a transition is occurring and learn how to ride the wave when it does. One of Julia’s colleagues gave her leadership team a book called, “Managing Transitions.” Julia’s biggest takeaway from the book was there’s an arc to change. You notice it’s happening, it’s subsiding, and then it’s done. You will feel differently at each stage in the wave. It’s important to acknowledge whatever you’re feeling and give it validity.

Two years ago, marketers had to shift courses. Events they had planned to attend, investments that were scheduled, and the ways they were going to market changed dramatically. Family life situations changed. They abruptly realized things would be different. But in most cases, change happens incrementally. So how do you make it manageable?

How to make change manageable

You can stay on top of changes in the industry through networking groups, Slack channels, and cruising LinkedIn to see what’s trending. One of Julia’s favorite phrases is to “Lift your heads up from your desk” to see what’s happening on the horizon. The micro can be painful. But when you “lift your head” and focus on the big picture, change becomes manageable.

Regardless of your situation, it’s helpful to break up your day. You have to give yourself space to breathe and think. Julia’s team blocks their days to take multiple 30-minute windows to break away. Julia also believes that you need to give back to other people. Be supportive and remind others to take breaks when necessary.

As a leader, it’s your job to push the vision of your businesses and inspire teams. But you also need to recognize when to stop pushing and take a step back.

The more you struggle, the faster you sink

Julia’s held several roles and has experienced a front-row seat to acquiring organizations and onboarding new team members. Everyone has a way of doing business that they’re accustomed to. Julia has observed people struggle when they “have” to stick to the way they’ve always done things. How can you help open up the conversation?

Flexibility is helpful. The more you stick to your guns, the more you end up on the losing end of any proposition. If you enter any conversation with a collaborative focus and an open mind, it’s more beneficial than being stuck on things being done one way.

How to lead a team that’s being acquired

Julia worked at Stericycle, which had made 275+ acquisitions in 12 years. When she was the CMO at Halo Health, she was on the opposite side of the equation, and they were acquired. Julia is one of the rare few that’s experienced both sides of the process. It can feel uncomfortable. So what did she do?

She spent time communicating with her team. She helped them focus on the day-to-day and assured them that she’d share any information she knew. The goal is to not let yourself get distracted with chatter and become filled with doubt. As a marketing leader, you have to be the supportive and rational voice in the storm. There can be a lot of drama and “what if” conversations that leadership can calm.

What mistakes can you avoid as you help your team navigate change? Listen to the whole episode for more wisdom from Julia Goebel!

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