Robert Rose—The OG of Content Marketing—Shares His Strategies, Ep #1

Robert Rose—The OG of Content Marketing—Shares His Strategies, Ep #1

Mark Raffan

Do you have a content marketing strategy? Do you understand the difference between building an audience and moving an audience? What about the operating model for your content team? Today’s guest on The Content Callout—Robert Rose—is a content marketing genius. He points out that these three areas are things that you NEED to nail down to run successful campaigns. In this episode, we take a deep dive into these topics. You cannot miss it.

Robert Rose is the founder of The Content Advisory and has been in the marketing industry for 20+ years. He’s an expert in the industry, having worked with Facebook, Capital One, Dell, Microsoft, and many more Fortune 100 companies. He’s written three books and truly is the OG of content marketing. Don’t miss his expert insight!


You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • [2:04] THREE rapid-fire actionable tactics + strategies
  • [8:18] Understand your operating model to succeed
  • [10:08] How to find the imbalance in your content model
  • [13:11] The customer stories that you REALLY want
  • [17:38] All content must have a call-to-action
  • [20:25] When your call to action is too much
  • [24:16] How to connect with Robert Rose
  • [25:01] The major takeaways from this episode

Content Marketing 101: build OR move an audience

Robert points out that THE #1 thing you need to understand before you launch a content marketing campaign is whether or not you’re trying to build an audience or move an audience. So what’s the difference? In the world of content marketing, if you’re trying to move an audience, you want them in the buyer’s journey.

Conversely, if the goal is to build an audience, you are pooling a group of people. The goal is to engage them with your content and allow them to begin the buyer’s journey on their time. You need to understand this goal from the very conception of your campaign.

How does your content team operate?

If you want to build a content marketing strategy, the #1 thing to do is to look at your operating model. Do you know what your operating model is? You better—because you can’t scale properly without that knowledge. Consider these thoughts:

  • Are you a small team that’s producing assets for the rest of the business? Like an on-demand vending machine sort of way?
  • Or are you a proactive team trying to create a blog, resource center, or an audience?
  • Or are you an SEO team working on templates and translation—the more technical aspects of content?

When you nail down exactly what the purpose of your team is you can nail down a streamlined content marketing strategy. You don’t want your content team being pulled in different directions and stretched thin—because your campaign(s) will suffer.

So what are some actionable tips and strategies to help you find a balance in your content production?

Find the imbalance in your operating model

When Robert works with a company to figure out where their pain points are, he draws the infinity loop model of the buyer’s journey on a wall (awareness, consideration, purchase, loyalty, etc.). Then he asks two questions:

  • Where does it hurt the most?
  • Where are you spending all of your time?

Asking these two questions is the fastest way to find the imbalance in the operating model. It allows you to see where you are creating content versus where you should be creating content.

In many cases, the brand thinks that their end goal is to get a prospect in the pipeline—and then they’re done. Robert points out that the problem is we are often creating more leads than sales can handle. That means other audiences don’t get attended to and they aren’t nurtured.

The customer stories that you REALLY want

Sales guys just want people to talk about why they’re so great. They want a fantastic testimonial to help bolster their sales argument and create social proof. It’s valuable for a specific part of moving an audience—but it’s pretty far down the funnel. So what kind of customer stories DO we want for content marketing?

Per Robert, answering that question begins by understanding “What it is they (your audience) NEED to hear and what value you can deliver to them—education, inspiration, entertainment—that’s what’s going to make them resonate and understand that they might need you.”

He notes that if we are really talking about the top of the funnel, it’s not always about communicating features, benefits, and why you’re awesome.

You need to make the customer the hero.

Get your customers to talk about how awesome it is to be them. Get them to talk about their job and how they love what they do in your space. Stick it on your website. They won’t say one word about you, but your other customers will associate their great life with YOU.

Robert believes “That’s the kind of storytelling we can start to take forward and really create value through inspiration and education and entertainment. That’s great content. That’s the kind of stuff that’s going to move the needle.”

The bottom line? Make your content customer-focused. To hear great content on call-to-actions, balancing your content, and how to truly nurture leads—listen to this fascinating episode with a content marketing guru.

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